Four years after allegations of sexual misconduct: “I deserve a second chance” – Yann Perreau

Four years after allegations of sexual misconduct: “I deserve a second chance” – Yann Perreau
Four years after allegations of sexual misconduct: “I deserve a second chance” – Yann Perreau

PARIS | Yann Perreau is preparing his return to Quebec. After living in Paris for two years with his family, the singer, who had to put his career on hold following allegations of sexual misconduct in 2020, is preparing to launch a new album and wants to win back his Quebec audience.

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“I deserve a second chance,” says the singer-songwriter, who The newspaper met in a hotel in the City of Light, on a beautiful sunny spring morning.

This is only the second interview he has given since leaving Quebec. Last fall, he received Stéphan Bureau in Paris.

Yann Perreau showed up at our meeting with his two children, who were on school holidays at the time.

Since his wife was transferred to Paris for work, he has become a stay-at-home dad.

“I take care of the house, I cook, I do the grocery shopping. There are a lot of strikes in Paris and when that happens, I’m the one who receives the little neighbors and takes them to the park,” he says.

Gift of life

He sees this French escapade, which he is keen to point out is not an escape, as a “gift from life” during his forced professional break.

He took the opportunity to evolve, he assures.

“I’ve already experienced a big wave of success and now I see the possibility of starting my career again with more strength, confidence and kindness than before. You know, the times when I lacked professionalism or when I thought my joke would get through… I won’t tell those jokes again,” promises Yann Perreau.

Best human and artist

He claims to have become a better human, and a better human makes a better artist, observes the one who sang Beautiful as we love each other.

Those who still follow him can already judge by the four songs he has released since 2022. The last one, The world is falling asleepwas released on May 31.

These are appetizers for an album, with a release date still unknown, that he recorded between Montreal, Toronto and Paris, with the director Gus van Go, and that he had started to create before the pandemic and its denunciation.

“I have a very good album. I think that the songs that came out, even if we didn’t talk about them and they didn’t play, they’re of good caliber.”

Finding your audience again

After two years of a Parisian life that he savored, he and his family return home. Yann Perreau says he is eager to meet his audience again.

Is his audience eager to see him again?

“I know that there are people who are bored, I hear it, I read it, I see it. At the same time, I am not fooled. I know that there are some, on the contrary, who are waiting for me with a brick and a lantern.”

“I don’t understand why,” he mused aloud. “Despite what happened, my reputation is very good. I’ve never been known as a violent, mean, or condescending guy. I’ve always been just exuberant, a party animal. It’s part of me and it’s stayed with me. I’m a rock and rollera traveler, a guy who likes to meet people.”

Will Yann Perreau be able to win back his audience? The answer will be in the coming months.

A blog to tell your story

PARIS | Since May, Yann Perreau has been keeping a blog on his website in which he talks about his European life and a fictional story based on his life before he was denounced.

Yann Perreau in Paris.


“I tell my life story from July 8, the day before. It’s done with a lot of humor. I changed all the names. It’s assumed, it’s done to defuse all that,” says Yann Perreau.

“I’m not going to do 25 interviews to talk about it. I know it’s inevitable that people will talk about it, but I don’t want that to be the only thing people remember. It was an unfortunate accident and I’m ready to move on. I want to go home in peace.”

Even though he kept himself in the shadows, Yann Perreau did not sit back and do nothing during his family exile in Paris.

Besides looking after children and visiting Europe, he obviously made music.

“I’ve been on stage a bit, but I haven’t pushed it too much. I’m mostly in the meetings, I’m trying to build a team here,” he explains.

He also says he played piano in a nursery school choir and narrated novels for dyslexic and hearing-impaired teenagers.

Yann Perreau’s career

1994-95: Member of the group Doc et les Chirurgiens, which won the Cégeps Rock and Empire des futures stars competitions.

2002: Release of his first solo album, Western Romance.

2003: He won the Rapsat-Lelièvre (Francofolies de Spa), Miroir (Quebec Summer Festival) and Félix-Leclerc (Francofolies de Montréal) prizes.

2005: Album release Nuclear.

2007: Publication of the poetry collection Perreau and the pen. The show Perreau and the moon wins the Félix for best direction.

2009: Album release A snake under the flowerswhich houses the song Beautiful as we love each other and winning the Félix for show of the year.

2010: He produced the album From moon to dawnd’Alex Nevsky.

2012: Release of the album On your knees in desirecomposed from poems by Claude Péloquin.

2016: He releases the album The fantastic of the starswhich contains the achievements You make my life beautiful et I love birds.

2020: Following allegations of sexual misconduct made against him on social media, during the wave of denunciations affecting local artists, his record label Bonsound drops him.

2022: He moves with his wife and children to France.



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