Alexandra Stréliski at the Summer Festival: “We’re going to have a mass for hypersensitive people”

Alexandra Stréliski at the Summer Festival: “We’re going to have a mass for hypersensitive people”
Alexandra Stréliski at the Summer Festival: “We’re going to have a mass for hypersensitive people”

Hear ye, hear ye, dear introverts! You are invited, Monday evening, by Quebecers’ favourite pianist, Alexandra Stréliski, to a great musical gathering for reserved and emotional people that will be held on the Plains of Abraham.

Where it is usually the big rock, pop or rap hits of international stars that thrill festival-goers, Alexandra Stréliski will perform with her soft and soothing instrumental melodies.

She will become the first solo instrumental artist to headline the Plains.

“We’re going to have a mass of hypersensitive people,” she jokes. “Surely the people who listen to my music are more introverted, but here, I’m telling you: come in a gang, you’re going to be in a safe space of introverts.”

What convinced her she had what it takes to make the famous and intimidating Plains? People, she answers simply.

“I’ve done six Grand Théâtres, four Wilfrid-Pelletiers, three Amphithéâtres de Joliette, one in Trois-Rivières, I’ve had two sold-out nights in every city I go to. That’s a lot of people in titi.”

Epic Moments

Still, the Plains are big. To face them, Alexandra Stréliski will not be alone. She has called upon Sarahmée and Loud, who will come to put their words and voices to some of her melodies, and musicians from the Orchestre symphonique de Québec.

“There will be some epic moments. I have about thirty musicians with me on stage, so we’re also going to go for the spectacular. It won’t be melodramatic all the way through,” says the woman who works with the renowned director Marcella Grimaux.

It is also said that she is one of the headliners who will best exploit the new giant super screens of the Plains.

“We’re going to approach it like a film. It’s a tribute to cinema with very clear, very strong, colorful, but also enigmatic visual tableaux. The key word is cinematographic. The cameras will be part of the story we want to tell.”

95% instrumental

The presence of two rappers at his side is surprising.

“I often hang out with hip-hop artists after the ADISQ galas. They’re the coolest. I listen to them myself. The idea of ​​bringing rap is for the poetry. […] “Strangely, there is something that is not so different from the neoclassical universe,” she explains.

Despite the presence of Loud and Sarahmée, “it remains an instrumental show,” warns Alexandra Stréliski. “95% instrumental,” she says, “but they will come and wink at me. I gave them carte blanche, but in the big themes that I tackle on stage. I talk about dreams, imagination, a more difficult time in my life when I had to question myself. I talk about mourning, love.”

  • Alexandra Stréliski’s carte blanche will begin at 9:30 p.m. on Monday on the Plains of Abraham.


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