series of defeats for the RN’s “black sheep”

During the campaign, they had shocked by their racist excesses or their remarks, marked by stupidity or incompetence. “Marianne” reviews the results of the twenty most sulphurous candidates of the National Rally (RN), also big losers of the legislative elections, this July 7.

Some were shocked, others frightened, all were waiting for the second round of the legislative elections between expectation and fear of a sanction after the scandals they caused. Mariannetakes stock of the results of the most controversial RN candidates.

A majority of defeats

Christian Pérezex-Pétainist tarred by the media StreetPress for having participated in a conference with the cream of French Holocaust denial (Vincent Reynouard, Yvan Benedetti, Jérôme Bourbon), in 2011, but also for having compared the players of the French football team to “illegals”was defeated in the second round in the 8e constituency of Finistère. Final score: 35.39% of the vote (against 30.3% in the first round). His opponent, Erwan Balanant (Renaissance), won by a wide margin.

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Philippe Torrelawyer for Éric Ciotti and RN candidate in the 2nd constituency of Aisne, accused of racist insults during the flash election campaign by a municipal agent of the Picardy town of Saint-Quentin ( “Who is this who wants to make me leave my land and my country?” (the candidate is said to have declared to this Moroccan-born agent at a market in the city), narrowly missed out on being elected. He only won 49.43% of the vote and lost to Julien Dive (LR), by 520 votes.

Considerate biker, Jean-Yves the BakerRN candidate in Côtes-d’Armor, had provided indisputable proof that he was not racist, this January 18 on the Média Bretagne 5 channel. Although he had been blessed by a “colored priest” The previous Sunday, at a motorcyclists’ rally, well, he hadn’t “not crushed” with his machine, joked the aspiring deputy. A leniency that was probably not enough to convince the voters: the voters placed him in 3rd place with 29.10% of the votes.

The National Assembly will also do without Michele Alozy, from the 2e Ariège constituency, which, galvanized by its score in the first round (40%), called for “a purified and secure France with Jordan Bardella”. A racist call that the activist did not subsequently assume: « For me, purifying means solving all the problems that the people of Ariège tell me about every day (power, purchasing, education, incivility, etc.) “, she had clumsily defended herself… Verdict of the ballot boxes: 42.94%.

Dorothée Champeauwho represents the RN in the first constituency of Deux-Sèvres, was not elected. Pinned down for a racist slip-up during the campaign (she explained that, in power, her party would not send black people who work “home”), she came in second in a three-way race with 29.75% of the vote. Far behind her Macronist competitor, Bastien Marchive (42.95%).

Conspiracy tendency, Sophie Dumonta holder in Côte-d’Or, convinced that Ukraine would be “The largest supplier of children to pedophile networks” and espousing the hazy thesis of the far-right magazine Faits & Documents according to which Brigitte Macron would in fact be a man, did not reach the Palais-Bourbon. She came second, behind the Les Républicains candidate, with 46.04%.

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The RN candidate for the 1st constituency of Haut-Rhin, Laurent Gnaedig, who had declared to have “doubts currently” on the gas chambers of the Second World War was defeated by the candidate Renaissance, but still achieved a good score with 47.72% of the votes. His comrade Gilles BourdouleixRN candidate in the 5th constituency of Maine-et-Loire, who had declared that Adolf Hitler had not “maybe not killed enough” of travellers and was convicted for it, was defeated by the candidate Ensemble. He won 36.06%.

Another candidate who caused outrage and was not re-elected: Nathalie Aubert, in the 2nd constituency of Haut-Rhin. She had shared on Facebook a racist parody of Tintin called: “The Congo at Tintin’s”. The drawing disappeared from her Facebook account. She lost with 42.18% of the votes to the Modem candidate Hubert Ott.

Also defeated for Jerome CarbriandLR-RN candidate in Essonne who only won 35.72% of the vote. Between 2012 and 2014, revealed L’Humanité
, He maintained a blog that relayed anti-Semitic and homophobic ideologies, writing for example that “the descendants of the Aryans, they have a genius for courage”, or even that the Jews “support a globalization that is destructive of all nations, stateless, globalizing.” A bingo of anti-Jewish clichés. He had garnered 31.03% of the votes in the first round. These remarks did not seem to bother his voters much, L’Huma revealed in another edition.

The same observation applies to its counterpart from Essonne, Thiebauld Vega defeated in the 1st constituency of Essonne in a three-way race against the NFP candidate Farida Amrani, who announced on X that she had been elected, despite the absence of definitive results. The RN candidate had only won 22.34% of the votes in the first round, coming in third place. Feeding a slight obsession with Muslims and pork, the latter proposed, in August 2016, to file “pig in the mosques”.

Some winners…

Unlike the majority of his comrades cited in this article, Roger Chudeaucandidate for the 2nd constituency of Loir-et-Cher, was re-elected with 52.15% of the votes cast. However, he had caused a small scandal by defending the exclusion of dual nationals from important positions, citing as an example the former minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, declaring that she should never have been a minister.

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Frédéric Boccaletti, from the 7th constituency of Var, who had achieved a score of 48.3% in the first round despite a conviction for group violence with a weapon in the early 2000s, after a fight that had degenerated during the putting up of election posters. As for Beatrice Roullaudin Seine-et-Marne, who was worried that a “Muslim” would “soon” arrive at “the Paris town hall”, she won with 52.5% of the vote against the NFP candidate.

Those who were put in difficulty, big losers

It was also a night of defeat for the majority of candidates identified for their lack of level or their difficulties in front of the cameras. Thierry MoscaRN candidate in the 2nd constituency of Jura was defeated in the second round, despite a rather favorable score of 32.76% in the first round last Sunday. He had attracted the spotlight for his inability to be elected: if his placement under reinforced guardianship at the end of 2023 did not prevent him from being a candidate, it made his election illegal. This legal procedure is a protective measure intended to protect vulnerable people who are unable to live independently. The Republican candidate Marie-Christine Dalloz, who had collected 38.59% of the votes cast, therefore won, with 65.02% of the votes. The RN candidate still improved his score from the first round with 34.98%.

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A bitter defeat also for Annie Bell-Jaccoud, RN candidate for the third constituency of Mayenne. Coming in third place with 24.91% of the vote in the first round, behind the candidates of the left and the presidential bloc, she was weakened after the discovery that she had been in the news in the newspaper Ouest-France in 1995 for… a hostage-taking in a town hall. Overwhelmed by debt, she had come to the town hall of Ernée (Mayenne) with her husband to settle her scores, and had held part of the staff hostage, demanding the arrival of the prefect and the public prosecutor… While the secretary general of the town hall had tried to disarm her, a shot was fired. She lost to the Horizons candidate Yannick Favennec, who had 68.91% of the vote against 31.09% for her.

“Jewish Ophthalmologist”

Paule Veyre de Sorasa candidate in Mayenne, lost in the second round to the outgoing MP, the socialist labelled New Popular Front Guillaume Garot, with only 32.44% of the vote. Despite her 28.59% of the votes cast in the first round, she also made a name for herself on social media last week. Asked about the racism and xenophobia attributed to Jordan Bardella’s party, the candidate seemed extremely uncomfortable, searched for her words for a long time, before answering in an uncertain voice: “In the National Rally, we have Jews, Muslims, Spaniards […] My ophthalmologist is a Jew. And my dentist is a Muslim.

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In Reunion, in the 4th constituency, the RN candidate Jonathan River also crashes to the candidate of the New Popular Front. With 27.5% of the votes, he had qualified for the second round in second position, but had made the buzz by calling his socialist opponent a “Nazi” on a TV set. His demonstration was as follows: the NSDAP, Adolf Hitler’s party, contained the word “socialist” in its name, the socialists are therefore « nazis ». Remarks that earned him the wrath of social networks. He was defeated with only 39.4% of the votes cast.

In the 2nd constituency of Haute-Savoie, Anis Bouvardbows to the outgoing deputy Antoine Armand. Bouvard had been in great difficulty facing his opponent on the set of France 3 regions : when the latter asked him which business taxes he would tackle, he was unable to answer, causing great unease on the set. As for his comrade from the 1st constituency of Côte-d’Or, the RN candidate Cyline Humblot-Cornille, This one bows in a three-way race with 32.13% of the votes to the Renaissance candidate Didier Martin who wins his ticket for the Palais-Bourbon with 38.02%. She had a hard time explaining what program her party was supporting, only knowing how to answer questions with immigration.



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