Large-scale movement of appointments within the police

In total, 31 appointments to positions of responsibility within the central and decentralized services of the DGSN in the cities of Targuist, Salé, Rabat, Casablanca, Safi, Bouznika, Khemisset, Oujda, Guercif, Témara, Al Aroui and Beni Ensar were confirmed by the Director General of National Security. At the central level, we note the appointment of a new head of the administrative investigations and complaints processing division under the General Inspectorate. At the decentralized level, a police officer was appointed head of the regional security department of the city of Khemisset. A position he had previously held on an interim basis. Bouznika now has a new police chief. The appointment of a head of the regional division of the judicial police was confirmed in Salé, that of an interim head of the regional police station in Targuist and of a head of the general intelligence brigade in Bouarfa as well.

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The police stations in the cities of Oujda, Guercif, Temara, Rabat and Al Aroui have new chiefs. There is also the appointment of a head of the border police brigade at the Jorf Lasfar port police station, a head of the urban unit at Al Aroui airport, and a head of the road traffic brigade in Beni Ensar. Senior police officers have been appointed to head the administrative annex of the mobile law enforcement unit in Rabat and a unit under the Sensitive Installations Protection Group in Rabat.

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Furthermore, the appointment of seven heads of police stations, as well as eight heads of traffic accident divisions was approved by Abdellatif Hammouchi, in order to strengthen the principle of rotation of positions of responsibility within the Casablanca police prefecture.



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