An unforgettable musical journey at FNAP with Nouamane Lahlou and Fouad Zbadi – Aujourd’hui le Maroc

An unforgettable musical journey at FNAP with Nouamane Lahlou and Fouad Zbadi – Aujourd’hui le Maroc
An unforgettable musical journey at FNAP with Nouamane Lahlou and Fouad Zbadi – Aujourd’hui le Maroc

The 53rd edition will take place from July 4 to 8, 2024

Placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the 53rd edition of FNAP will take place from July 4 to 8, 2024 under the theme “Eternal Rhythms and Symbols” with the participation of 800 artists including 100 international ones. The Land of the Rising Sun will be the guest of honor.

The 53rd anniversary of the National Festival of Popular Arts coincides this year with the celebration of Marrakech as the capital of culture of the Islamic world for the year 2024.
During the press conference held on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, Professor Mohamed Knidiri, President of the Grand Atlas Association (AGA), organizer and director of the Festival, said: “This edition marks a new beginning for the FNAP and brings new momentum with added value to this event dedicated to popular arts on a national scale, including the role of young people in the various musical arts of Raï and the traditional Ahwach art of the Grand Atlas and its promotion to Moroccan and foreign audiences. The Bahia Palace is reserved for thematic evenings, addressing various aspects related to the discovery of Chinese, Indonesian, African and Moroccan artistic heritage. The official show will be presented every night at the Royal Theater with the participation of 30 Moroccan and foreign troupes. As the oldest Festival in the Kingdom, the FNAP represents a platform to evoke the historical glories of artistic songs and dances that build a bridge between the public eager for its heritage and interacting with expressive rhythms with historical symbols.
Under the azure sky of the endemic ochre city, from the opening to the closing, two great icons of Arabic song Nouamane Lahlou and Fouad Zbadi, both natives of the cities of Fez and Meknes, will offer the general public of the 53rd edition of FNAP 2024 an unforgettable musical journey.
This edition will pay a vibrant tribute to the author, composer and performer Nouamane Lahlou. Born in Fez in 1965, this virtuoso has been possessed and inhabited by the enchanting magic of music since the age of ten. A seasoned disciple of the Egyptian composer Mohamed Abdelwahab, whom he met and impressed with his voice, the latter advised him to follow him to live in Cairo, where he would have a fabulous career as a singer and composer at the grand and famous Cairo Opera House while excelling in magnificent artistic performances on the radio and television of the Egyptian capital.
The singer’s latest courageous scoop challenges us. Entitled “Gaza and the false witnesses”, it is written by Saïd Motawakkil, arranged and performed by Youssef El Khazen. Its lyrics resonate with the burning news about the genocide perpetrated by Israel in Palestine. This “dedicated” song will remain alive in memories in tribute to all the deceased and those forced to move and flee their own territories, demolished, burned and bloodied by the colonizing, unjust and criminal state.
Nouamane Lahlou’s song and music are not only timeless but also universal, sending a message that calls on humanity to stand with Gaza and resist the “tyranny” and “infamy” of Israel’s racist beliefs.
“La Soirée des Stars” will be hosted by Nouamane Lahlou on July 6, 2024 at the Movenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi at 8:30 p.m.
Another icon of Arabic song who will light up the Festival is Fouad Zbadi. After university studies in exact sciences in France, his passion for music caught up with him and he devoted himself entirely to song. At present he is considered one of the leading figures in Arabic music. He brilliantly interprets songs from the classical Arabic repertoire of Zakaria Ahmad and Abdelmoutalib. He won the jury prize at the Cairo International Song Festival in 2000.
This artist is one of the greatest who have contributed to enriching artistic life in the Arab world and elsewhere in the Maghreb and Africa.
Mohamed Zbadi, better known by his stage name Fouad Zbadi, takes part in almost all the important musical events at the moment.
It is recognizable by the first note: its unique timbre, both full-bodied and luminescent, constitutes the hallmark of an art, whose roots plunge deep into the ancestral culture of Moroccan history with Arab-Berber ramifications, a voice that belongs to the secular Moroccan cultural and artistic heritage.
The tenor will punctuate the closing evening entitled “Ancestral and Modern Harmony” with great classics of Moroccan and Arabic song, on July 8, 2024.



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