CIH revolutionizes remote banking management with CODE 212

No more waiting and complications, CIH BANK takes a step forward in the field of banking services for Moroccans living abroad with the launch of the CODE 212 offer. Designed to facilitate the opening and management of bank accounts remotely, this new offer promises to meet the daily needs of Moroccan expatriates wherever they are.

CIH BANK’s CODE 212 offer combines simplicity and practicality, two ingredients that make this offer the preferred choice of customers. It allows users to open their account entirely online, eliminating the need to physically visit a branch. In just a few clicks, customers can choose the option that best suits their needs and benefit from free account maintenance fees and a bank card, a free service that remains free for life.

One of the strong points of the CODE 212 offer is its foreign account aggregation service. Thanks to this innovative service, users can centralize, within the CIH Mobile application, the management of all of their bank accounts, whether they are held with CIH BANK or other financial institutions based in Europe. Not only that, this functionality allows you to add one or more European accounts to the CIH Mobile space, consult in real time the balance and the history of operations of their various aggregated accounts and make transfers from accounts domiciled in Europe to the CIH BANK account.

Money transfers are now simpler and smoother than ever with CODE 212. From the CIH Mobile application, users can transfer money from their aggregated accounts domiciled in Europe to their CIH BANK account in Morocco. These transfers are carried out quickly and without hidden fees, ensuring smooth management of finances.

A service dedicated to “Moroccans of the World”. CIH BANK strengthens its commitment to the Moroccan expatriate community by offering them solutions tailored to their needs. For more details on the CODE 212 offer or for any assistance, interested parties can contact the Customer Relations Center at +212 5 20 912 212.

With the CODE 212 offer, CIH BANK positions itself as a key player in Moroccan digital banking, facilitating access to banking services for Moroccans living abroad, while meeting the challenges of remote banking management. For further information, visit the official CIH Bank website or contact customer service at +212 5 20 912 212.



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