LIVE – Italy and Croatia go blow for blow, Spain masters against Albania

LIVE – Italy and Croatia go blow for blow, Spain masters against Albania
LIVE – Italy and Croatia go blow for blow, Spain masters against Albania

Start of the second half!

It’s back to Leipzig and Düsseldorf! Croatia will have to discover itself to achieve a major success against Italy!


France also qualified at half-time

Albania led by Spain, the Blues find themselves virtually qualified for the round of 16, on the eve of their match against Poland.


Half-time on both lawns!

Already qualified, Spain dominates Albania after 45 minutes thanks to a goal from Ferran Torres. Italy and Croatia, engaged in a balanced standoff, are back to back (0-0). For now, the Nazionale therefore secures second place in Group B, ahead of Croatia and Albania, virtually eliminated.


The first Albanian opportunity! (45th, 0-1)

Here is the spark of Albania signed Asllani! The powerful shot from the Inter Milan player, 25 meters away, forces Raya to save!


New Spanish opportunity (44th, 0-1)

Grimaldo, still shifted to the left, serves behind Merino whose first intention recovery ends in the stands.


Ferran Torres with his head! (41st, 0-1)

Found at six meters by Gimaldo’s center, the Spanish striker did not shoot down his header which passed over the Albanian goal.


Match still balanced in Leipzig (40th, 0-0)

The Croats regained possession of the ball for around ten minutes. The two nations seem very close to each other.

Brozovic faces Jorginho.
Annegret Hilse / REUTERS


La Roja misses the 2-0 (37th, 0-1)

On a ball stabbed at the far post, Joselu then Oyarzabal are ultimately too short to deflect the ball into the back of the net. Albania is breathing, as best it can.


Raspadori frames his attempt! (36th, 0-0)

The Italian winger, served at the entrance to 18 meters, hooks then connects with his left foot. It’s in Livakovic’s arms.


Spain still in control (34th, 0-1)

On the Düsseldorf side, La Roja continues to dominate the debates with a very active Ferran Torres on the right. Albania has not yet had a shot on goal.


They are watching Donnarumma! (31e, 0-0)

Great sequence from the Croats which culminates in a dangerous cross-shot from Modric in front of the goal. The Italian goalkeeper of PSG pushes back with both hands!


Moment of respite for Croatia (30th, 0-0)

Modric and Brozovic exchange the ball to calm the Italian rhythm in the final moments.


Bastoni doesn’t score! (27th, 0-0)

On the second ball from an Italian corner, Barella wraps a perfect cross to the far post, onto the head of Bastoni. Decisive save from Livakovic who saves his defense by pushing the ball over his bar!


In video, Ferran Torres’ goal for Spain


Croatian yellow card (24th, 0-0)

The first warning of this Croatia-Italy is for the Salzburg player, Sucic, at fault in the midfield.


Italy is doing much better (23rd, 0-0)

Under pressure at the start of the game, the Nazionale has been breathing for several minutes and appears dangerous. Like Retegui, not quick enough at six meters and narrowly countered by Sutalo!


The opportunity for Retegui! (21st, 0-0)

Superb cross from Calafiori, left side, which finds the Genoa striker at the far post. The latter failed to hit the target but his header was deflected by Gvardiol in the air.


It’s complicated for Albania (18th, 0-1)

Now with their backs against the wall, the Albanians have all the difficulty in the world to leave their camp in the face of Spain’s control.


Croatia currently 3rd but eliminated (16th, 0-0)

As a result of the Spanish goal, Croatia virtually passes Albania in 3rd place in Group B. But a draw would not be enough for the “Vatreni” to hope to qualify.


BUUUUT FROM SPAIN! (13th, 0-0)

Perfectly served in space by Olmo, Ferran Torres gets ahead of himself on the right and finishes the job with a flat left foot. Spain leads 1-0 and things are already getting complicated for Albania.


The Spanish opportunity! (12th, 0-0)

Strakosha, the Albanian goalkeeper, makes a first important save on the ground on a diving header from Merino.


Pellegrini’s head (11th, 0-0)

Found at the penalty spot by Dimarco, the AS Roma captain did not target his header from six meters.


Spain in control (10th, 0-0)

Unsurprisingly, La Roja, who plays in yellow, holds the ball against the Albanians’ low block. We are waiting for the first real opportunity.


Italian response (7th, 0-0)

La Nazionale attacks on the right, up to Di Lorenzo’s center. Pongracic pushes back with his foot in front of Retegui.


Sucic’s strike! (5th, 0-0)

What a save from Donnarumma who pushes back the young Croatian’s powerful left-footed shot from 20 meters away for a corner! Croatia starts strong.


Croatia monopolizes the ball (4th, 0-0)

Luka Modric and his teammates turn the leather in their camp then Kramaric is alerted in depth. Good defense from Bastoni who gets the goal kick.


First Albanian action (2nd, 0-0)

A first cross signed by Bajrami does not find a taker, the Spanish defense clears.


Kick-off on both lawns!

Who from Italy, Croatia or Albania will join Spain in the round of 16?


Time for hymns!

We start with “Fratelli d’Italia” near Leipzig, where there are many Croatian supporters!


Italy for a first?

Since 1991 and the independence of Croatia, Italy has never beaten the “Vatreni” in eight confrontations (3 defeats, 5 draws). Will the Nazionale break the curse this evening? As a reminder, a draw would be enough for the Italians to be happy.


The French team qualified this evening?

Since this Sunday evening and the start of the third day, the calculators have been out. And the outcome of this group B could well benefit… the Blues of Didier Deschamps, even before their match against Poland this Tuesday (6 p.m.). It’s quite simple, if Albania does not win against Spain, remaining at 2 pts maximum, the French team (4 pts) would indeed be guaranteed to finish among the best thirds ahead of those in groups A (Hungary) and B. And this whatever the result between Croatia and Italy. A scenario far from impossible which would favor France, obviously wanting to finish at the top of its group D ahead of the Netherlands and Austria.


Croatia-Italy lineups, Chiesa and Scamacca substitutes

Italian coach Luciano Spalletti made strong choices for this meeting, notably changing his attack line. Holders against Albania and Spain, Chiesa and Scamacca leave their place to young Retegui and Raspadori. Croatia aligns its classic 4-3-3 with the Modric-Kovacic-Brozovic trio in the middle.


The compositions of Albania-Spain, La Roja widely rotates

Deprived of Rodri (suspended), Nacho and Perez (muscle injuries), Luis de la Fuente’s Spain took advantage of this meeting to give everyone playing time. Ten changes are to be noted in the starting lineup, only Aymeric Laporte continues after the victory against Italy. On the Albanian side, the best possible team is of course aligned.


Croatia and Albania can believe it

Opposed to the two favorites, Croats and Albanians (1 pt) have no calculations to make: it is imperative to win. If successful, the two nations would be at 4 points, in a favorable position in the race for the best third places. Without forgetting that second place remains accessible, Albania being ahead of Croatia before the match thanks to the goal difference (-1 against -3).

Albania, coached by the Brazilian Sylvinho, dreams of a first 8th Euro final for its third participation. For its part, Croatia hopes to exit the groups for the third time in a row (after 2016 and 2021). An early elimination would be a real disappointment for Luka Modric and his teammates, formidable in competition for a decade (2nd in the 2018 World Cup, 3rd in 2022 in particular).


Spain calm, Italy under pressure

Victorious over Croatia (3-0) and Italy (1-0) during the first two days, Spain faces Albania without any real challenge at the ESPRIT Arena in Düsseldorf. La Roja (6 pts) is in fact already assured of finishing at the top of the group and facing a better third in the round of 16, Sunday June 30 at 9 p.m.

On the other hand, for Italy (3 pts), this shock against Croatia in Leipzig is very expensive. La Nazionale must not lose to finish at least third in the group and avoid a disaster scenario synonymous with elimination. If they maintain their position of second, the Italians would meet Switzerland (2nd in group A) in the round of 16, Saturday June 29 at 6 p.m.

To read before the meeting: Euro 2024: Croatia-Italy, who has the most to lose?


Welcome to this live!

Good evening everyone and welcome to Le Figaro to follow live commentary on the third and final day of Group B of the Euro. The two evening matches, Albania-Spain and Croatia-Italy, will begin at 9 p.m.!

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