The West “provoked” the war in Ukraine: outrage in the UK after Nigel Farage’s remarks

The West “provoked” the war in Ukraine: outrage in the UK after Nigel Farage’s remarks
The West “provoked” the war in Ukraine: outrage in the UK after Nigel Farage’s remarks

Shocking! The leader of the British far-right Reform UK party, Nigel Farage, sparked outrage in the Conservative and Labor parties in the United Kingdom on Saturday after claiming that the West had “provoked” the war in Ukraine. Nigel Farage made these comments on the BBC on Friday evening, less than two weeks before the British general elections on July 4. His anti-immigration and anti-system party is experiencing a breakthrough in the polls, approaching – or even surpassing – the conservative party which has been in power for 14 years. Labor is heavily favored.

This former MEP who played a major role in the Brexit campaign in 2016 claimed that as early as 2014 he told the European Parliament that there would be a war in Ukraine. “It seemed obvious to me that the eastward expansion of NATO and the European Union gave (Russian President Vladimir Putin) a reason to say to his Russian people: ‘They are coming for us again’ and to go to war,” he said.

“We provoked this war,” he said. “Of course it’s his (Vladimir Putin’s) fault – he used what we did as an excuse,” added the head of Reform UK, who is running for the legislative elections in a constituency in the south. east of England.

“He only works in Putin’s favor”

Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called Nigel Farage’s comments “completely false”. “He is only playing in Putin’s favor,” criticized the head of the conservative government. These are statements “dangerous for the security of Great Britain and its allies, who count on us”, he condemned. Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the United Kingdom has been among kyiv’s main supporters.

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The leader of the Labor Party Keir Starmer, who is tipped to become Prime Minister after the legislative elections, also denounced “scandalous” statements. “Whoever comes to Parliament must be very clear that Russia is the aggressor, that Putin bears responsibility (for the war) and that we stand with Ukraine, as we have since beginning of this conflict,” he continued. “Parliament has spoken with one voice on this subject since the start of the conflict,” said Keir Starmer.

Admirer of Putin’s work

The leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said for his part that he shared “no values” with Nigel Farage. “My message to the British people is that we must support the Ukrainian people,” he said. “Farage echoes Putin’s despicable justification for the brutal invasion of Ukraine,” Interior Minister James Cleverly also denounced on X.

Asked about old statements, Nigel Farage also said he did not like Vladimir Putin “as a person” but “admired him as a political operator”. Nigel Farage’s remarks were well received in Russia. “Farage, an experienced politician, follows the mood of the electorate,” commented a presenter on public broadcaster Channel One.

“More and more European political figures are showing lucidity and common sense,” this channel also wrote on the social network X.



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