It has never been so hot in Montreal on June 19

Even tourists were surprised by the heat records shattered in several places in Quebec yesterday, including in Montreal, where the mercury had never climbed this high in more than 80 years.

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“It’s the hottest day for June 19 since data was recorded, so 1941,” says André Monette, chief meteorologist at MétéoMédia.

The mercury reached 33.5°C, shattering the record of 33.1°C set in 2001.

With the humidex, the temperature felt was around 43°C.

“It’s surprising. We didn’t expect this heat at all in Quebec,” says Christelle Fouquet, a French tourist seated at a picnic table in front of the Bonsecours market.

Evelyn Veto Minez, a tourist from Chile, rests in the shade of a tree.


At dinner time, the sunny terraces of the Old Port were almost empty.

“It’s crazy! With this heat, no customers wanted to eat outside today. They all choose air conditioning,” testifies Sheila Tela, hostess at the Paradisio restaurant, on Saint-Paul Street East.

“Extreme” day

It was hot everywhere in Quebec, with records recorded in Montreal, but also in Quebec, Saguenay and Val-d’Or (see below).

Thus, schools and parents have taken extreme measures to prevent young people from suffering from the oppressive heat.

“It’s definitely an extreme day,” said Annie Nareau, resident of Upton, in Montérégie.

Her son, who recently had hip surgery, preferred to stay at home near the pool. His daughter, who is finishing her 6e year, preferred to go to school.

Children cool off at Lafond Park in Montreal


In greater Montreal, paramedics were busy with calls concerning elderly people or people suffering from health problems making them vulnerable to the heat or people who had heat stroke while playing sports.

“We don’t necessarily have more calls, but it’s a day when interventions are more difficult,” explains Urgences-Santé spokesperson Stéphane Cyr.

Until Thursday

The heatwave lasted at least until Thursday evening, after a night “even more uncomfortable” than the previous one, warns André Monette.

“We have a big surge of warm air coming from the American Midwest, in addition to systems passing through northern Quebec. The combination of the two brings warm and humid air,” explains the meteorologist.

He points out that this heat accompanied by humidity is rare in June and is normally seen more in the months of July and August.

– With Erika Aubin and Dominique Scali

Historic heat for June 19

Montreal: 33.5°C, the hottest since 1941

Quebec: 33.4°C, the hottest since 1942

Val-d’Or: 33°C, the hottest since 1951

Saguenay: 35.1°C, equals the record set in 2020

Source: Weather Media

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