the compromises of the New Popular Front for the wars in Ukraine and Gaza

DECRYPTION – The new alliance of the left has agreed on a common program, which concerns in particular France’s international policy.

On the evening of the second round of legislative elections, on July 7, the issue will not only be national. Ukraine, like Israel and Gaza, will be directly affected by the outcome of the election. The dissolution of the National Assembly will likely permanently reshape the political landscape and the color of the chamber. If the New Popular Front wins, Emmanuel Macron will be forced to appoint a prime minister from the union of the left. The government and the majority of the Assembly, whether relative or absolute, will change. The program applied will therefore be that of the left.

If economic and social measures are currently attracting the full attention of our fellow citizens, the alliance of the left has also communicated the broad outlines of its diplomatic measures. These will not be a priority, as they do not appear in the program of “breakup” that the New Popular Front wants to establish during the first 15 days of its governance…

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