Geneva colleges: autonomy without control

Geneva colleges: autonomy without control
Geneva colleges: autonomy without control

Colleges: autonomy without control

Published today at 6:38 a.m.

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Do a college student’s chances of success depend on the establishment to which he or she was assigned? A confidential study by the State Internal Audit Service (SAI) highlights that the Department of Public Education does not ensure that the maturity certificates are comparable between establishments, which it should do given that the exams of maturity are not standardized.

If equal opportunities are not guaranteed, equal treatment seems clearly violated. The SAI report points to variable criteria between colleges for being able to repeat a year or pass the year with an exemption.

He recalls that colleges enjoy very broad autonomy, a guarantee of the performance of an education system. But this should be accompanied by a duty of accountability. This is where the problem lies.

This broad autonomy is also a reality regarding teachers. However, here again, the hierarchy would not monitor their performance seriously, if at all.


Thus, many teachers have not undergone periodic evaluation and development interviews… for more than ten years! Above all, this procedure borders more on bureaucracy than what it should be: a lever aimed at highlighting what works, pointing out possible gray areas, improving and questioning oneself.

Quality managerial monitoring is what the secondary II union is calling for. Parents and students have the legitimate right to demand that management ensure the quality of teaching and supervision in establishments.

Guaranteeing some harmonization and control without creating distrust and undermining precious autonomy on the ground: the DIP has work to do to achieve this.


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