Android 15 will protect you against this vicious hacking method

The next version of Android will integrate by default protection against a type of hacking which is fortunately quite rare, but nevertheless devious. A way to reassure users without them having to do anything.

Over time, our smartphones have become real pocket computers, with all the advantages and disadvantages that this entails. Among the latter, we can note their propensity to become the target of hacking attempts. It makes sense: they contain a lot of interesting data for cybercriminals like our login credentials to various services, our bank details… It is not for nothing that the phenomenon is unfortunately constantly increasing.

It is more necessary than ever to emphasize the protection of our mobile devicesand for this, we can count on the new features brought by the new versions of their operating system. If we take the example of Android 15, we already know that the OS will better secure the secret codes that you receive, especially those used for two-factor authentications. It will also prevent you from installing certain applications if it considers that they are too old, and therefore potentially more at risk. Another novelty aims squarely to eradicate a form of hacking.

How Android 15 wants to put an end to this type of hacking

Do you know what we call “juice jacking”? Its principle is simple: it involves recovering your private data when you plug your smartphone into a public USB charging station. The sockets must have been previously modified. While you think you are simply recharging the mobile, the USB cable provided tries to access it in different ways. By sending commands for try to guess your password for example, or by exploiting a USB protocol flaw.

Let’s be clear, this is quite rare, but it is no less dangerous. Android 15 will put an end to it by modifying the operation of an option present since Android 9 on most smartphones. It is accessible by holding the power button and is named after Lock.

What will change is that launching this mode will automatically disable data access via USB. Hackers will therefore no longer be able to send commands to your phone using this method. note that some models will not be eligible to the extent that manufacturers will have to modify part of their overlay for this, which they are not obliged to do.

Source: Android Authority



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