War in Gaza: will there be a new rally this Thursday in front of the Israeli embassy?

A demonstration by young people near the Israeli embassy in Uccle was dispersed by the police on Wednesday evening. A procession then formed, still supervised by the police, in the city center of Brussels. The demonstrators accuse police violence.

A pro-Palestine demonstration took place last night first at the Israeli embassy in Uccle and then in the center of Brussels. “A spontaneous gathering“, says a young girl.

In front of the Israeli embassy, ​​the police had to intervene. “They were prevented from going to the embassy because there was no authorization“, says the mayor of Uccle Boris Dilliès. “Among these demonstrators, there were peaceful people but also some aggressive ones. Particularly black blocks. They sought confrontation with the police by throwing stones. At that moment, the fire pumps and tear gas fired.”

He asked the police to charge

On the side of the demonstrators, it is not the same story. “All the demonstrations we organized for Palestine went well“, said a young woman. “But because it is in Uccle and he is a mayor who is blind to what is happening there and who does not realize that we are pacifists… He asked the police to charge.

A procession then formed towards the city center. “People started walking in the street following the behavior of the police“, concludes the protester.

Amnesty International calls for investigation

The call was made by the occupants of ULB and VUB after a VUB student had to undergo surgery after being hit in the face by a water cannon during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The students denounce the lack of action by the Belgian government to condemn Israeli acts of violence in Palestine. The bombing of a center for displaced people in Rafah particularly provoked a reaction.

Police could not confirm the number of participants in the rally, but hundreds of people were present.

A group of 250 to 300 people also temporarily blocked the Vleurgat and Louise tunnels.

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The demonstrators denounce excessive aggression to the extent that, according to them, it was a pacifist demonstration. Amnesty International has called for an investigation to shed light on these clashes.

The Brussels police are mobilized again today, while a new rally is expected to be held this Thursday in front of the Israeli embassy.

Gaza war between Israel and Hamas demonstration



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