Slug infestation: how to protect your plants?

While it’s normal to find a few slugs and snails in your garden, lately these molluscs are literally everywhere. You even have to be careful where you put your feet so as not to crush them. In question ? The intense precipitation of recent weeks in Belgium. While waiting for drier weather, it is possible to put certain things in place to prevent slugs from devouring all your plants, vegetables or fruits.

How to protect plants and the vegetable garden from slugs?

A few small things can be put in place so that you don’t end up with your plants completely devoured.

The first is to break egg shells into small pieces and place them in the garden to keep them away. In the same vein, capsules (beers for example) would quickly dissuade them from approaching plants.


A mixture of water and garlic seems to be effective too: slugs hate the smell of garlic. Let the garlic macerate in the water then spray the mixture on the base of the plants.

Slugs also have difficulty crawling on powdery surfaces. We generally recommend putting a little sand (very fine) around the pots of your plants. Ashes or chalk also seem to work.

Certain plants would also be natural repellents: garlic, fennel, ginger, mint, thyme and even geranium.

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