Wealth tax, inheritance tax and taxes on second homes: what does each party propose?

It is not always easy to navigate the programs of the different parties. So who is proposing what? This Wednesday, we are interested in what affects your wallet. Here is what the six major French-speaking teams are offering.

Wealth tax

Three parties clearly say yes to the wealth tax: Ecolo, the PS and the PTB. The PTB has been advocating a tax on millionaires and multimillionaires for years.

The MR answers no. And then there are two parties which are a little bit between the two, for whom it is a little more nuanced, Défi and the Engagés. They consider that we should not tax people’s wealth but rather capital income. That is to say all income from assets such as financial investments.

Inheritance taxes

This is a big yes for all French-speaking parties. But be careful, there are many nuances and differences in the proposed measures. Some want to eliminate them, this is the case of the Engagés. Others want to reduce them, like MR, Défi or Ecolo.

Finally, there are those who want more progressive rates depending on income. This is the case of the PS and the PTB.

Taxes on second homes

Overall, most parties are against it. Challenge, the Engagés, the MR and the PS do not want taxes on second homes. They consider that there is already a tax, the property tax. For them, adding a tax for a second residence would be double taxation.

Ecolo and the PTB want to tax them.

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