French-speaking weather: towards a rotten summer?

French-speaking weather: towards a rotten summer?
French-speaking weather: towards a rotten summer?

Rainy month of May: heading towards a rotten summer?

Published today at 6:29 p.m.

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After a checkered month of April with high temperatures followed by a period of frost, the very rainy month of May was gray. Cold and wet weather, but not unusual for this time of year.

“We are in the same averages as in May 2021, but after very sunny months of May in 2022 and 2023, it is certain that the weather was not fabulous this year,” explains André-Charles Letestu, meteorologist at MétéoSuisse .

Cold and lots of rain

Indeed, in terms of precipitation, the month is not yet over and we are already at 98.8 mm of rain compared to 18 mm in 2023 and 12 mm in 2022. The average since 1990 is 75 mm. Also, May 2024 will have been very little sunny compared to the last two years. Only 138 hours of sunshine compared to 211 in 2023 and… 286 hours in 2022, more than double that this year.

The same goes for days when the mercury exceeded 25 degrees. There will have only been three this month, compared to 5 in 2023 and 15 in 2022.

“So this year we are higher in terms of precipitation and lower in terms of sunshine. But there’s nothing abnormal either. After having had two years of mild and warm spring, this one seems naturally gloomy and rainy,” continues the meteorologist.

Good for floors

In agriculture, rain is not necessarily bad news. “For the soil, it’s good that it’s raining, but the problem is that a lot of grass has grown and there aren’t enough dry periods to mow it,” says André-Charles. Letestu.

Since the beginning of the month, the temperature of the lake has fluctuated between 9 and 16 degrees. According to our calculations, the monthly average should be around 12 degrees. A temperature close to that of 2023, but significantly lower than that of 2022, calculated at 14.6 according to figures from the International Commission for the Protection of the Waters of Lake Geneva (CIPEL).

Bonus for cinemas

Bad weather generally benefits cinemas. At the Cinéma Bio de Carouge, the management of the establishment notes an increase of 400 spectators between May 2023 and May 2024. Thanks to the rain?

“I think the weather has a 50% influence on our attendance, the other half depends on the films and their quality. You can clearly see the difference between days when the weather is nice and days when it rains. But it shouldn’t rain too hard, otherwise people won’t leave their homes,” explains Mattia Giannone, deputy director of Cinéma Bio.

However, heat waves also benefit air-conditioned dark rooms. Last year, some municipalities even offered sessions to seniors in the event of heat peaks.

And for summer?

It remains to be seen whether we follow the same trajectory as in 2021, where the summer was gray, cool and humid. This possibility cannot be ruled out, but it is no more likely than that of a scorching summer.

“The probability of having a cold summer is quite low at the moment. According to our forecasts, it is likely that it will be slightly warmer than average, but this remains extremely difficult to predict,” concludes the MeteoSwiss meteorologist. Sunshine is still expected during the second part of June.

A priori, the summer of 2024 should therefore not break heat records. As a reminder, the summers of 2022 And 2023 were marked by historic heatwave episodes. A little refreshing break this year, for a planet that clearly needs it. Between now and September, it only remains to be seen whether the anoraks will stay dry in the wardrobes.


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