A baby hit by a car in Comines: the eyes of the 94-year-old driver were “white”

It’s a small miracle in the Comines region. A 7-week-old baby narrowly escaped death. His pram was hit by a motorist, a 94-year-old driver. He denies the event, but the parents found the images from the surveillance cameras.

Kylian and Mélanie were going to get medicine for their very young baby, when suddenly, while entering a pedestrian crossing, the stroller is hit by a car. The man behind the wheel doesn’t stop right away. Watching the images in slow motion, we see the dad’s reflex as he pushes the stroller aside and absorbs the shock.

The little one would no longer be with us

Fortunately my wife was there to scream because for me, when I enter a pedestrian crossing and I see that the car is still quite far away, it’s because the person saw me.” says Kylian. “If my wife wasn’t there to scream, the little one, I think, would no longer be with us,” he regrets.

The 94-year-old driver eventually stopped much further away, pretending he hadn’t hit anything. He seemed to suffer from very poor eyesight. “His eyes were white, so we had one completely white eye. And the other eye was a little less white than the other, but it was really white.” remembers Kylian. “So, at that moment, I told myself directly that there was a vision problem in relation to that,” adds the baby’s father.

Aptitude test

For Kylian, tests are necessary to judge the driving ability of older people: “I think there was a problem with eyesight, but the police did not do a test on that directly. From an age onwards, it would still be necessary, every so much time, to repeat tests in relation to reactivity, in relation to sight, in relation to hearing, these are still quite important things”, he believes.

At the moment, the whole family is still deeply shocked, especially the mother who told us she was traumatized. Taken to hospital, the seven-week-old child escaped without a scratch. Despite the shock to his head, he is a miracle.

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