Tan-Tan: Prize giving to the winners of the 4th major national press competition in Oued Noun

Tan-Tan: Prize giving to the winners of the 4th major national press competition in Oued Noun
Tan-Tan: Prize giving to the winners of the 4th major national press competition in Oued Noun

Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 7:05 p.m.

Tan-Tan – The winners of the 4th major national press and media competition in Oued Noun were announced Friday evening in Tan-Tan, in the presence of several Moroccan and Arab media professionals.

The national grand prize was awarded ex aequo to a MAP dispatch entitled “The National Initiative for Human Development in Tan-Tan: Strong support for women in difficult situations”, a report from Al Oula on “the development and progress projects in the Guelmim-Oued Noun region” and an article from the “2m.ma” site on the international reputation of the Mir Left mausoleum sites.

The regional prize was won jointly by the site “Tan-Tan 24” on tourism investment in El Ouateya and the site “Noun TV” for a report on “the media empowerment of women in the southern provinces” .

The prize of the 4th edition of the competition went to the “Laâyoune TV” channel for a report on the Moussem Tan-Tan 2023.

A tribute was also paid on this occasion to Moroccan journalists working abroad, including Mohamed Amor, director of the “Al Jazeera Sport News” channel, Hachem Ahr Barra, journalist at “Al Jazeera English”, Abdessamad Nasser, journalist , Sanaa Rahimi, journalist at 2M and Talha Jabril, Sudanese journalist-writer living in Morocco.

During this ceremony, tribute was also paid to the former player of the national football team, Aziz Bouderbala.

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaïd, indicated that the major national press competition in Oued Noun highlights the efforts made by journalists and media professionals to produce content of quality in areas linked to economic, social, cultural and human development in the southern provinces.

He added, in a speech read on his behalf by the ministry’s communications director, Mustafa Amedjar, that this award also constitutes an opportunity to highlight the role played by Moroccan professionals in diaspora countries for the strengthening of the media. national thanks to the experience they have accumulated and which must be better exploited within the framework of the major projects programmed in Morocco, in particular for the organization of the 2030 World Cup.

For his part, the president of the National Union of the Moroccan Press (SNPM), Abdelkbir Akhchichen, indicated that the organization of the 4th edition of the major national press and media competition takes place in a decisive context marked by the efforts made by the national media with a view to establishing a legal system capable of making them strong and competitive media.

Mr. Akhchichen stressed that the responsibility to develop the media to meet the challenges lies with all media professionals, institutions, public authorities and society.

As for the president of the provisional commission responsible for managing the affairs of the press and publishing sector, Younes Moujahid, underlined the importance of openness to all initiatives and proposals with a view to reforming the law on press and publishing and to develop the media scene which faces several challenges.

On the sidelines of this ceremony, the SNPM signed partnership agreements with the Iraqi and Mauritanian journalists’ unions.



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