Laval University and BleuFeu create a new music festival on campus

The start of the university year will now take place to the sound of a new musical festival. On September 13 and 14, the Laval University campus will be the scene of Fono, an event that will bear the signature of BleuFeu, the team behind the Festival d’été de Québec.

Featuring around thirty emerging musical artists, Fono will be aimed at the university community as well as music lovers from all backgrounds. Its multi-genre programming, revealed later, will be concentrated on campus and spread over three outdoor stages.

Born from a partnership between Laval University and BleuFeu, the event intends to highlight the expertise of the research and creative teams of the educational institution with regard to knowledge and innovation in the world of arts and culture.

By partnering with extraordinary talents and creative minds, we want to make this festival a catalyst for cultural and economic development for our region.indicated the president and CEO of BleuFeu, Nicolas Racine.


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Sophie D’Amours and Nicole Racine delivered a few interviews Thursday afternoon on this new festival.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alexane Drolet

For us it’s a dream, we want to make our campus vibrant, we want to open it to our populationrejoices the rector of the University, Sophie D’Amours.

Vibrant campus

The name of the festival Fono is the homophone of the word phonodiminutive of phonographa device that reproduces sounds.

It is the perfect symbol to represent an event where the sound experience takes precedenceargue the organizers of BleuFeu.

The project fits with the University’s desire to open its campus to the population of Quebec. Sophie D’Amours and Nicolas Racine specify, however, that the event has nothing to do with the Vibrant Campus project, even if Nicolas Racine is one of the members of the project.

We were careful, these are processes that were managed differently. Nicolas’ expertise in the animation of the premises is very valuable to us in the other projects which are going through the construction site.pleads the rector.

She promises that the teams are hard at work to ensure that there is as little disruption as possible for residents and people on campus.


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Three stages will welcome artists on the Grand Ax during the Fono festival.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Competing at the student event?

The new festival is organized two days after the scheduled date for the Back to School Show of the fall, the event organized at each start of the school year since 2001 by the Confederation of Student Associations of Laval University (CADEUL).

The association representing the undergraduate student community was informed of Fono’s arrival at the beginning of the month; it has not yet taken a position, but still plans to organize its free event on September 11.

Laval University denies competing with the student event. Back to School Show”,”text”:”The goal is to enrich the start of the academic year by introducing students to arts and culture. The festival is different from the Back to School Show”}}”>The goal is to enrich the start of the university year by introducing students to arts and culture. The festival is different from Back to School Showsupports the rector.

She said she consulted the student association and had already presented her project to them, a few weeks in advance. According to Sophie D’Amours, Fono even enjoys a good reception among students.

There are already discussions to see how to better integrate the event with other back-to-school activities. With the ambition of having a second edition, we are already discussing how it could be deployed even better with all the integration activities around an integration weekremarks Sophie D’Amours.



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