The exhibition “Arman: the object of art”, a tribute to the visionary talent of a renowned 20th century artist

The exhibition “Arman: the object of art”, a tribute to the visionary talent of a renowned 20th century artist
The exhibition “Arman: the object of art”, a tribute to the visionary talent of a renowned 20th century artist

Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 0:10

Rabat – The Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMVI) in Rabat lifted the veil on Wednesday, on an exceptional retrospective exhibition, entitled “Arman: the object of art”, to pay tribute to the visionary talent of the one of the most important artists of the 20th century.

This major cultural event, organized by the National Museum Foundation in collaboration with “The Arman Marital Trust”, brings together 67 emblematic works by Arman, retracing his creative journey from the 1950s to the 2000s.

The exhibition explores the plastic innovations of Arman, pioneer of the New Realists movement, through various themes such as “Accumulations”, “Cuts and angers”, and “Combustions”.

It presents unpublished works from the artist’s personal collection, offering the Moroccan public a unique immersion in his artistic universe.

During a press conference held on this occasion, the president of the National Museum Foundation, Mehdi Qotbi, noted that this retrospective has a particular significance, since it marks the start of the celebrations of ten years of the MMVI, coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of Arman’s disappearance.

This exhibition brings together works illustrating the timeless dialogue between Man and his environment, and pays tribute to the creative genius of the artist, he said.

“By exploring Arman’s universe, we travel into a singular world where the object frees itself from its utilitarian function to become a Source of contemplation, questioning and poetry,” underlined Mr. Qotbi, recalling that Arman was “a tireless human rights activist”.

For his part, the French Ambassador to Morocco, Christophe Lecourtier, underlined the crucial importance of the cultural relationship between Morocco and France, affirming that it plays a determining role in the development and strengthening of friendship between the two nations.

In this regard, the ambassador congratulated the National Museum Foundation for its essential contribution to this dynamic, describing it as a “cultural flame” which constitutes the beating heart of culture and a precious meeting place.

Mr. Lecourtier did not fail to express France’s pride in seeing the artist Arman, whose works illuminate and inspire, celebrated in this prestigious museum.

For her part, the artist’s widow, Corice Arman, sent her sincere thanks to the National Foundation of Museums, affirming that Arman “would have been proud of this tribute paid in this first institution in the Kingdom dedicated entirely to modern and contemporaries”.

A highlight of this retrospective is the donation of a monumental sculpture by Ms. Corice Arman, which will be permanently exhibited on the museum square. This generous contribution enriches the MMVI collections and symbolizes the importance of Arman’s art in contemporary cultural heritage.

The exhibition, curated by Jérôme Neutres and Abdelaziz El Idrissi, invites visitors to discover how Arman redefined the boundaries of art by transforming everyday objects into fascinating works of art. It illustrates his visionary approach to the consumer society and its consequences, a message that is still relevant in the current context.

By celebrating Arman’s work, the Mohammed VI Museum continues its mission of promoting art and culture in Morocco, thus consolidating its place as an essential meeting place for art lovers and the general public. .

Arman, whose real name is Armand Fernandez, was born on November 17, 1928 in Nice and died on October 22, 2005 in New York. He is recognized as a painter, sculptor and visual artist, particularly for his “accumulations”.

A pioneer in the use of manufactured objects as pictorial material, Arman saw in these objects the natural and multiple extensions of the human hand, subject to an incessant cycle of production, consumption and destruction.



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