Drug trafficking: “What concerns citizens is the small deal at the bottom of their building,” assures Maxime Prévot

Maxime Prévot was the guest of “The Last Straight Line” this Wednesday, May 22. The president of Des Engagés answered questions from Martin Buxant and Luc Gilson, particularly on insecurity in the country.

The shootings in Brussels are one of the issues of this election. For Maxime Prévot, mayor of Namur, these exchanges of fire take place elsewhere in the small town, notably in his commune.. “It’s a problem everywhere on Belgian territory,” affirmed the leader of the Engagés. “And this is one of our priorities, because very clearly, today, we must strengthen the justice system so that it has the useful means to be able to prosecute everyone.”

Often linked to drug trafficking, the judicial police therefore “find out the big guys who are at the head of these networks”, but not only. Maxime Prévot affirms that the population’s concerns also relate to much more concrete cases and closer to home. “But let’s not lose sight, and I see this as mayor on the ground, that what concerns the citizen is at the bottom of his building, in the street, in his neighborhood, the little deal that is done, the lack of modesty, even now, with drug taking which is done in full view of everyone.”

The president of the Engagés ensures that the citizen “It’s not hard to know where the big guy is located, which is perhaps 300 km away”.

Additional positions

To resolve and chase the deal, Maxime Prévot offers 3,500 additional commitments to fill in the gaps, “and a strengthening of the means of justice”.

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