Gunshots on the terrace of a café in Brussels: “The victim was shot by mistake”

Gunshots on the terrace of a café in Brussels: “The victim was shot by mistake”
Gunshots on the terrace of a café in Brussels: “The victim was shot by mistake”

Brussels was, once again, the scene of gunfire this Sunday. Shots were fired towards a cafe in the center of the capital. There is one dead and one injured.

One of the two victims injured by gunshots following shots fired on Sunday evening on Avenue Stalingrad in Brussels died from his wounds, the Brussels prosecutor’s office confirmed on Monday after several media announced the information. The man was 28 years old.

This Wednesday, our colleagues from Nieuwsblad revealed that the victim, Hassan El Bachiri, an Aalst resident, went to the Brussels market every Sunday. “He had tea or coffee in the café where he was shot. We learn that he was actually an accidental victim. It’s terrible what happened. Hassan was a good guy. He had just ‘be married for two years on Sunday’confided a relative.

Still according to Het Nieuwsblad, sources assure that Hassan El Bachiri was “shot by mistake”. “The victim had nothing to do with the argument. This man had nothing to do with drugs either. He was shot by mistake. The perpetrators sought retaliation” following an argument which took place earlier in the day, in the same café.

According to the Nieuwsblad, the police arrested four young suspects.

Recall of facts

“The police services in the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles zone were informed yesterday evening, at 11:12 p.m., of shots fired on the terrace of a café on Avenue Stalingrad”explained the spokesperson for the prosecution. “When they arrived at the scene, they discovered two men with gunshot wounds. One of them was unconscious and seriously injured. Both victims were transported to hospital where the seriously injured person died. It was of a 28 year old man.”

“According to initial findings, two shooters on a scooter opened fire in the direction of the establishment before fleeing,” the spokesperson said. “The police immediately set up a security perimeter and informed the Brussels public prosecutor’s office. An investigating judge was appointed and went to the site with the prosecutor’s duty magistrate, the technical and scientific police laboratory and a ballistics expert has also been appointed.

The investigation was entrusted to DR6, the homicide section of the federal judicial police. “The investigation is continuing in order to determine the exact circumstances of the facts and to identify the perpetrators. The prosecution will not make any further comments”added the public prosecutor.

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