Carouge can be discovered through a drawn walk

Carouge can be discovered through a drawn walk

Published today at 12:43 p.m.

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There are proposals that cannot be refused. That of Zep, for example. Seduced by the concept of Carouge drawn – an illustrated walk dotted with panels spread across the four corners of the Sardinian city – the creator of Titeuf offered to participate in the 2e edition of this artistic walk as stylish as it is poetic. Banco! Along with Adrienne Barman, Claudine Kasper, Kimou Meyer and Rylsee, the Genevan designer is one of the 22 artists featured in this exciting second version.

The Carouge Theater according to Kristell Silva. A Japanese-style and poetic version of the institution headed by Jean Liermier.

Now orchestrated by the Duo Manifesto association, made up of Julien de Preux, alias PanpanCucul, and his friend Mathieu Carera, the event is on the rise. Benefiting from significantly more financial support from the City of Carouge, it now lasts almost two months longer, until the end of August. The display materials have been improved, and a plan now appears on the back of each poster. These also contain a QR code allowing access to the biography as well as the texts written by the participants (illustrators, graphic designers, tattoo artists, typographer or architect), almost equally between men and women.

An architect by profession, but also inspired by freer visions of reality, Fred Pfefferle likes to recharge his batteries at the Fontaine des Tours.

Musical interlude

“All artists are linked to Carouge in one way or another, whether they live there, work there or have a strong link with it. Everyone had carte blanche,” say Julien de Preux and Mathieu Carera while swallowing a ristretto near the Cinéma Bio, the same place where an opening hosted by the Geneva quartet Kuma will take place this Wednesday.

During this musical interlude, images of the second Carouge drawn will be projected on the screen of the famous dark room, enhanced this year by an illustration by Tom Tirabosco. “Carouge is a somewhat special place. I feel like I’m in a film set… A little kitsch, a little nostalgic… We could have filmed Amélie Poulain there,” comments the designer of the recent “Terra Animalia”.

Adrienne Barman's penguins have invaded Avenue Cardinal-Mermillod. They take part in an opening organized by the Carouge gallery Tiramisù.

Signed Gaucher, whose real name is Steve Mamie, the poster for the unusual graphic walk evokes the famous towers of Carouge, recognizable by their openwork balconies. A graphic extract of the 22 places presented appears on this drawing teeming with details, where a plan of the Sardinian city, surrounded by the Arve, appears. In a more refined register, Cesarina Guida chose to represent in watercolor the essential manta ray by animal sculptor Yvan Larsen, placed at the corner of rue Jacques-Dalphin and rue de la Filature.

Tom Tirabosco chose to represent Bio Cinema. “Carouge is a somewhat special place. I feel like I’m in a film set…” he comments.

First cooked

High places of Carouge nightlife, first kisses and first drunks, the Chat Noir and the Forge are part of the designed walk, respectively reinterpreted by PanpanCucul and by Fifille. On the bistro side, Martin Panchaud delivers his version of Al Mercato, while Ridlet images Le Cadeau Public. Our favorite? The Japanese version of Place du Théâtre, revised and corrected by Kristell Silva.

Mathilde Veuthey has reinterpreted in vector drawing a building located at 84, rue Ancienne, in Carouge. The building seems to escape the flow of time.

Twenty speakers in 2023, two more in 2024: does the pool of Geneva artists remain sufficiently strong to consider a 2025 edition of Carouge Dessiné? With a smile, the organizers brush aside any fear: “We already have a list for all generations for the next two years,” they assure in unison. Also among their projects is the eventual extension of the concept to a promising designed Geneva. To be continued…

The poster for the event is by Gaucher (Steve Mamie). It evokes the towers of Carouge, recognizable by their openwork balconies. A graphic extract of the 22 places presented appears on this drawing teeming with details.

Carouge drawn, from May 22 to August 30, in the streets of the Sardinian city. Opening Wednesday May 22 from 7 p.m. at the Cinéma Bio, in the presence of the artists. Rens.: Instagram: duo_manifesto

Philippe Muri is a journalist, co-responsible for the cultural section. It covers in particular comics and cultural outings. He also worked as a sports journalist or editor at the daily newspapers “Le Matin” and “Le Temps”, as well as the weekly “L’Illustré”. More informations @phimuri

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