Anniversary of the creation of the DGSN: 68 years serving the protection of public order and citizens

Anniversary of the creation of the DGSN: 68 years serving the protection of public order and citizens
Anniversary of the creation of the DGSN: 68 years serving the protection of public order and citizens

Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 1:03 p.m.

Rabat – The National Security family celebrates Thursday the 68th anniversary of the creation of the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), an opportunity to highlight the efforts made by this national institution which demonstrates great vigilance and of unparalleled professionalism in preserving the stability of the homeland and guaranteeing the security of property and citizens.

Since its creation on May 16, 1956, this institution has earned the respect and consideration of Moroccans, as well as international partners in the field of security cooperation with the Kingdom, due to its effectiveness and efficiency in the face of major security challenges. .

Since then, the DGSN has continued to address the new challenges inherent to security through proactive actions to combat crime, thanks to an effective presence on the ground and increased vigilance.

To do this, it has worked to strengthen its structures and modernize its operating methods, to increase its availability and to provide its intervention units with the necessary technical and logistical support, in addition to investing in human element.

In this context, the National Security has made significant changes in recent years, mainly relating to strengthening the representation of women within the police force. The female police officer, who has invested herself in positions of responsibility, has indeed demonstrated remarkable skills and determination.

The DGSN has also implemented training programs intended to strengthen the strategic role of the scientific and technical police and to provide the necessary expertise in the fight against crime for the benefit of the judicial police.

In line with its desire to understand the daily needs of citizens, the DGSN has set up a local police force, which intervenes in real time and operates with firmness, the aim being to establish openness towards its immediate environment.

In addition to its decisive presence at the national level, the National Security commands admiration for its tireless efforts, its increased vigilance, its remarkable action, as well as its proactive operations in the fight against terrorism.

This is evidenced by the dismantling of terrorist cells or the pursuit of security coordination at the regional and international levels which, thanks to the precise information provided by the Moroccan security services, made it possible to defeat several terrorist plans in numerous countries across the country. the world, particularly in the United States and Spain.

In 2023, the DGSN took care to diversify communication tools to reinforce the feeling of security, support the action of operational security services and to promote the measures adopted when hosting and organizing major events which take place in Morocco.

Thus, the communication services under the National Security carried out a total of 4,955 communications, including 1,488 provided as part of information, namely press releases and articles concerning security issues and/or related matters. with the feeling of insecurity.

There is also talk of the publication of 56 clarifications aimed at denying and refuting fake news, in addition to the production of 2,873 video reports in partnership with a certain number of television channels and national and international media.

On the digital level, the communication services produced video content as part of citizen awareness campaigns, in particular those linked to the organization of open days of the National Security, the announcement of competitions for access to positions of the police, in addition to institutional content, including the video presented by the Kingdom to host the 93rd session of the Interpol General Assembly in 2025.

It is also the DGSN video which won the prize for best awareness-raising film at the Arab level in the field of “community policing and the humanitarian dimension in the work of the security services”. This awareness-raising film traces the sacrifices made by members of the public forces to help and rescue the victims of the September 8 earthquake in the regions of Al Haouz and Taroudant.

In relation to this natural disaster, the communications services of the National Security devoted a significant part of their work to monitoring and identifying false content circulating during the management phase of the Al Haouz and Taroudant earthquake. In this regard, the content published by the DGSN services on social networks generated significant interaction from citizens with more than 290,000 views and 4,800 likes.

With a view to strengthening its social vocation of community policing, the DGSN organized in 2023 the 4th edition of its Open Days (May 17-21 in Fez) with the objectives in particular of communicating on the missions entrusted to the different bodies and units of security mobilized to protect the safety of citizens and their property and highlight the various advanced equipment and materials mobilized for this purpose.

This event had a record presence of around 1,150,000 visitors, in addition to more than 5 million people who visited the official account of the event on digital communication media.

While the security issue remains an essential component of Morocco’s application files to host major international sporting, security, economic and cultural events, the communication services of the National Security support and document the regular operations associated with all major organized events. in Morocco, including the Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the 47th Conference of Arab Police and Security Leaders.

Likewise, they documented all regular operations linked to continental and international sporting matches organized in Morocco, thus making it possible to strengthen Morocco’s candidacy to host major sporting events.

During 2024, the DGSN intends to consolidate the achievements made in the modernization of infrastructure and police services, while developing them to meet citizens’ expectations.

The DGSN also intends to further strengthen and consolidate international cooperation in security matters by sharing its experience with friendly and partner countries, as well as with various international organizations interested in police work, in the field of the fight against terrorism and organized crime.

Likewise, it continues its efforts to implement the project to digitize the National Security services and their connection with the central databases, by generalizing the information system for managing criminal and misdemeanor files to all services. police and continuing the digitalization of judicial police services at the national level, in addition to the generalization of mobile units for issuing the national electronic identity card (CNIE) with the aim of bringing its services closer to inhabitants of geographically remote regions.

The family of the General Directorate of National Security reaffirms, on the occasion of its 68th anniversary, its firm commitment to fulfilling its duty to protect the Nation and citizens with dedication and discipline, as well as its availability and capacity to overcome all future challenges efficiently and effectively.

On this occasion, the DGSN is organizing the 5th edition of its Open Days, from May 17 to 21, at the exhibition center in the city of Agadir.



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