François Legault is not paid enough

François Legault is not paid enough
François Legault is not paid enough

Last fall, the deputies of the National Assembly decided to give themselves a 30% salary increase.

This decision caused a lot of ink to be spilled, because it came at a time when public sector employees were in the middle of negotiations with the government. The timing was bad.

However, it must be said that the increase in MPs’ salaries was inevitable and another increase will have to be made in the coming years, because $130,000 in 2024 is much less than many positions in the government apparatus.

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148e rank

The titanic work of the Bureau of Investigation allowed us to learn that the Prime Minister of Quebec, François Legault, is arriving at 148e rank in the list of Quebec civil servants with a salary of $270,120.

So, there are 147 people who are better paid than the Prime Minister. That does not make any sense. The new president and CEO of Santé Québec, Geneviève Biron, will earn $652,000, or $381,880 more than Mr. Legault.

There are even general managers in municipalities who earn more than the Prime Minister, like the one in Montreal who earns $347,799.

Looking at this ranking, one wonders why someone would want to become the premier of Quebec. In addition to all the pressure and daily criticism, you earn less than a significant number of civil servants.

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Tricky file

With the controversy that the last salary increase caused, it is clear that provincial elected officials will not want to play on this issue again by 2026.

However, as a society, we will not have the choice to pay our elected officials better if we want to have quality people who decide to venture into the political jungle.

It’s all well and good to say that politicians do politics out of convictions, but with all the inconveniences that come with the job, they should be paid on the sense of the world.



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