The moving testimony of the father of one of the officers killed

Two prison officers were “shot like dogs” last Tuesday during the attack on the van where Mohamed Amra, known as “The Fly”, was.

Among the officers killed was Arnaud Garcia, 35 years old. “He loved his job. He was a bon vivant, a good guy. I would have liked to have him as a friend,” his father, Dominique Garcia, testified with great dignity to our colleagues at BFMTV.

Arnaud Garcia was going to be a father in a few months: “I have just had his wife, Marie. It’s difficult for her, she feels abandoned and is trying to cope. I’m keeping her away from the media so she doesn’t get too upset. Everything I do is in agreement with her,” explains Dominique Garcia.

Arnaud was a bon vivant. “He was pure, he joked and he had many friends. He was passionate about motorcycles and football, particularly RC Lens. He was courageous and devoted to his country and his profession, which he loved.”

Last Tuesday, Dominique Garcia quickly feared for her son’s life: “My daughter-in-law calls me saying ‘Dominique, watch TV, I have no news from Arnaud’… I I called his home phone, no news. I decided to call the general management in Rennes. They told me they would call me back within ten minutes.”

It was then the Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, who personally called Mr. Garcia back to tell him the terrible news: “I expected the wrong answer. The minister’s intonation was unequivocal. He was unfortunate to tell me of the death of my son.”

Dominique Garcia’s life then turned upside down: “I didn’t sleep all night. I looked at all the photos of my son (…) I thought about his life and the fact that I will no longer see him (…) I trust the police, the gendarmerie, who deal with the ‘investigation. I hope justice is done.”

“I was proud of my only son. I will now help my daughter-in-law to educate my future grandson or my future granddaughter, as I did for Arnaud,” he concludes.



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