Ukraine: 278 km² taken in 7 days, largest Russian gain

Ukraine: 278 km² taken in 7 days, largest Russian gain
Ukraine: 278 km² taken in 7 days, largest Russian gain

278 km² taken in 7 days, the largest Russian gain in a long time

Published today at 10:05 a.m.

The Russian army took 278 km² in one week in eastern Ukraine, mainly in the Kharkiv region, its largest gain of Ukrainian territory in a year and a half, according to an analysis Thursday by AFP in based on data provided by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Between May 9 and 15, 257 km² were conquered in the region of Kharkiv (north-east) alone, the epicenter of the Russian offensive where Moscow claimed the capture of several localities. The other 21 square kilometers won by the Russian army were at different points on the front line, including the symbolic village of Robotyné in the south of the country.

Ukrainian resistance

However, the Ukrainian army resists. She indicated Thursday morning that she had stopped the Russian “advance” in certain areas of the Kharkiv region (north-east) where Russia launched a surprise attack on May 10, occupying new territories.

“The situation in the Kharkiv sector remains complicated” but “our defense forces have managed to partially stabilize the situation, the advance of the enemy in certain areas and localities has been stopped,” the spokesperson said on television. speech of Ukrainian forces in the region, Nazar Volochyn.

The Russian army “is still trying to create conditions for further advances,” he added.

Regarding the city of Vovchansk, a city of around 18,000 inhabitants before the war and one of the two main localities in the region that Moscow is trying to occupy, the Ukrainian forces are in the process of “combing through the buildings” in the north of the city, while street fighting had taken place there in recent days, added Mr. Volochyne.

Ukrainian military blogger

The Ukrainian army “is trying to stabilize the situation, inflict damage and prevent the enemy from gaining a foothold. (Ukrainian) counterattacks are underway,” he said.

Popular Ukrainian military blogger Yuriy Butoussov, followed by half a million people, for his part affirmed that “the Russian offensive in the north of the Kharkiv region has been de facto stopped.”

“Russian assault groups have suffered losses, but have not yet been destroyed, and fighting continues,” he added on Facebook late Wednesday evening.

In Vovchansk, the Russian army “continues to accumulate its forces” and tries to dislodge the forces of kyiv, Mr. Butousov said, adding that “the central district of Vovchansk continues to be defended by Ukrainian soldiers.”

According to regional governor Oleg Synegoubov, some 8,779 people had been evacuated in the region. Around fifteen people were also injured in various bombings in the region.


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