caught in the act, proof in PHOTOS

caught in the act, proof in PHOTOS
caught in the act, proof in PHOTOS

While he is a member of the jury for the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Omar Sy allowed himself a little freedom on the red carpet of the Croisette. However, the rule is very clear…

While the Croisette lives in anguish over a publication – largely denied since – of a supposed list of known actors suspected of sexual assault on women (Raphaël Quenard notably broke the silence after seeing his name on Twitter), it’s still time for celebration and glamour.

The 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival kicked off on May 14 by the mistress of ceremonies, Camille Cottin. On the red carpet, we saw a first audience of stars parade, notably the actor Omar Sy. The latter did not respect a rule imposed on everyone…

Omar Sy, “hyper relaxed” at the Cannes Film Festival

There is one rule that no one should deviate from during the Cannes Film Festival: “No cell phone, no selfie” on the red carpet! And yet, during the first climb of the steps, Omar Sy broke this rule which came into force in 2018 and, let’s say it, is relatively little respected overall. The 46-year-old French actor, who is in the South of France for two weeks while living with his wife and children in Los Angeles, has been seen on several occasions taking photos of the marches, the actors and even himself -even…

The star actorUntouchables And Lupine couldn’t resist the urge to immortalize in a photo his climb up the steps as a member of the jury, a great first for him, in the company of the rest of his comrades. This year, the president of the jury is the director Greta Gerwig.

Omar Sy and the jury of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival © Oleg Nikishin/SIPA

During a press conference, he spoke about his state of mind: “I arrived super relaxed yesterday. Then, at one of the meetings, we were told: ‘Are you aware that you are going to change people’s lives?’ I said: ‘Ah shit, I didn’t come for that at the beginning and finally it’s not wrong, a Palme can change the career of a film, someone’s career.'”

Why such a ban on the red carpet in Cannes?

As the general director of the event, Thierry Frémaux, explains well, the ban on cell phones on the red carpet at the top of the steps is linked to the very essence of the event: “We come to Cannes to see and not to see each other (….) In Cannes, it is important to us that the spectators also go through the red carpet, but to be part of it, to respect its prestige.” Moreover, on the accreditations to the Festival, we can see written the mention: “No selfies and photos on the red carpet.

Generally, everyone makes fun of it and makes selfies on the steps to feed his Instagram. But the other reason for this ban is also logistical. Forbidding taking the time to photograph oneself or to immortalize the steps and the atmosphere also means avoiding a traffic jam on the steps – and in the streets which bring the stars by car – and delays to the screenings. This is a way of streamlining entry while there are 2,500 seats in the Palais des Festivals.



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