Bruins 2 – Panthers 1 | The Bruins wanted a sixth game

We can assume that Sam Reinhart will revisit this image in his head quite often over the next few hours.

Updated yesterday at 10:54 p.m.

This image is that of him, alone, to the right of Jeremy Swayman, while the last seconds fly away on the dial. If Reinhart scores on that, everyone goes into overtime, and from there, who knows what could happen?

But you can do a lot of business with ifs, and in the end, Swayman made the save, the Bruins won this game 2-1, and there will be a sixth game in this series against the Florida Panthers on Friday evening in Boston.

This missed play by Reinhart – he still scored the only goal for the Panthers on Tuesday evening – somewhat illustrates what was lacking at the Sunrise club, namely this inability to take advantage of such golden chances. A few minutes earlier, on the power play, the local players sent two pucks next to the goal while there was space in the net.

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Sam Reinhart (13) in front of goalkeeper Jeremy Swayman (1)

It would probably be an exaggeration to say that Swayman is “in the heads” of the Panthers players, but he still made 28 saves during this fifth game, a game that the Bruins did not really have the luxury of be able to escape.

Defender Charlie McAvoy, who had not made a single shot since the start of the series, took advantage of this fifth game to finally shoot, while scoring a goal and adding an assist along the way. His six shots on goal were a record among Bruins players in this meeting, and there is no doubt that McAvoy gave his club a performance that was necessary, if not vital, nothing less.

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Sergei Bobrovsky (72) and Charlie McAvoy (73)

And now what will happen? That’s a good question. First, we don’t really know if Brad Marchand, who missed the last two games due to a hit from Sam Bennett – in the industry, we call it a “hockey game”, it seems – will be back. We will understand that if he returns, this presence alone will serve as a boost to the Bruins, and it alone could very well change the look of the series. Especially in Boston, where Marchand is adored and not booed like in the 31 other arenas in the league.

Then, the Bruins will face the challenge of repeating the performance of this fifth game, their best of the series, assuming that we accept that the rusty Panthers slept throughout the first game. Obviously the Bruins wanted a Game 6, and so did Swayman, obviously, a goaltender who can make a difference like he did late Tuesday night.

If all this happens, we could have a seventh game, and other great moments like Jim Montgomery saying swear words in French and Paul Maurice saying curse words in English and Montgomery, again, miming dives.

As The Jam once sang: that’s entertainment.



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