“The young people from Andenne were probably bored and decided to get smart on the E42 bridge”

A Romanian truck driver says: another tragedy would have been narrowly avoided on Wednesday evening in Héron, “in the same place with a drain thrown from the bridge”

By Pierre Nizet
The drain was thrown from this bridge.

This is what another Romanian truck driver claims on a Facebook page dedicated to this profession which is not easy every day.

The death of Gheorghe Tibil was greeted with great emotion by his colleagues. It must be said that there are many Romanian truckers who travel the roads of Europe for a salary that does not always match the difficulties they encounter. A Facebook page is also dedicated to them and is entitled “Omul soselelor”, which means “the driver” in Romanian. Created by Ilie Matei, a popular truck driver in Romania, it has more than 55,000 subscribers. About a hundred of them reacted upon learning of the death of their colleague. Some accounts are not kind towards Belgium or Germany. These truckers denounce the danger of crossing them and the fear that the file will be buried. They talk about frequent thefts, particularly of diesel when they are resting on a motorway rest area, and the feeling of ambient insecurity. “The Belgians can fine us several thousand euros but when our colleagues are attacked, the police are no longer there,” writes Ilie Matei, who asks the Romanian authorities to put pressure on to resolve this matter.

A hole without the drain on the Héron bridge.
A hole without the drain on the Héron bridge. -Arnaud Cox

“As long as these murderers go free, any of us can be next.” Stefan Zaharie denounces working conditions. “Every day we are victims of humiliation. We should stop for three days to demonstrate,” he said. “This Belgium is in maximum danger,” adds Manolis Ionut, a colleague of Gheorghe. Another Romanian driver, Nikolai Aleksei, made an explosive revelation: “At the same place, Wednesday evening, a colleague experienced the same situation. A drain hit his truck at the left headlight. The target, here too, was clearly the driver,” he accuses. Which suggests, if this fact is proven, that the perpetrators of Gheorghe’s murder were perhaps not their first attempt.



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