the update fixes major security flaws, it is better to download it without delay

Google has just urgently released a new update for Chrome. This patch addresses a critical vulnerability that has already been exploited by hackers.

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Notice to Chrome users, Google has just rolled out a new security update. As usual, the manufacturer strongly recommends that you download it quickly. For good reason, this fix focuses on a critical vulnerability affecting Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine (responsible for running JS code in the browser).

According to Google and without going into technical details, this flaw can lead to unauthorized access to data, execution of arbitrary code or outright blocking of the program. Let us specify that there is urgency, since “Google is aware that an exploit for this CVE-2024-4761 flaw exists in the wild.

The Mountain View firm corrected this vulnerability with version 124.0.6367.207/.208 for Mac/Windows and 124.0.6367.207 for Linux. Updates will be rolled out to all users over the coming days/weeks. As a reminder, Chrome generally updates automatically when a security update is available. However, you can download the patch directly by going to the Settings > About Chrome. Then click on Relaunch to apply it.

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Google fixes the 6th Zero-Day vulnerability of the year

Note that this is nothing more than the sixth zero-day flaw discovered and fixed by Google in 2024. For beginners, a zero-day flaw is a vulnerability that has not yet been resolved by computer security researchers. For hackers, this is a perfect opportunity to take users and developers by surprise.

In its report, Google adds that an anonymous researcher reported this famous flaw to them on May 9, 2024. In order not to give too much information to hackers, the firm preferred to keep other sizes silent about this vulnerability. “Access to bug details and links may be restricted until a majority of users are updated with a patch. We will also keep restrictions if the bug exists in a third-party library that also depends on other projects, but which has not yet been fixed,” explains the American giant.



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