“I submitted my resignation last week” (Maimouna Dièye)

Sidy Mohammed

May 14, 2024 at 10:39

The Minister of Family and Solidarity, Maïmouna Dièye, formalized her resignation from the town hall of Patte d’Oie, in accordance with the presidential directive urging new members of the government to renounce their elective mandates. This announcement comes in a context where several ministers have already left their elected positions to devote themselves fully to their new government functions.

“I submitted my resignation last week…” declared Maïmouna Dièye to our colleagues in Dakaractu. She is also president of the “Jiggeni Pastef” movement, and thus follows the example of other political leaders, such as Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko and the Minister of Energy, Oil and Mines, Birame Soulèye Diop, among others , who respectively resigned from their positions as mayors of Ziguinchor and Thies-nord.

These resignations respond to an instruction from the Prime Minister, given shortly after his appointment, according to which all members of the new government team holding an elective mandate were to withdraw from these functions within a month. Although Maïmouna Dièye has slightly exceeded this deadline, her decision is in line with the expectations of her political base and citizens engaged on social networks who had asked her to devote herself entirely to her ministerial role.

It is important to note that although this presidential directive is not formalized either by decree or by law, it is considered a measure of good governance by the new authorities. This practice could foreshadow a future bill aimed at regularizing this provision at the national level.

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