Weather: rain, gray… what should we expect this week in France?

Weather: rain, gray… what should we expect this week in France?
Weather: rain, gray… what should we expect this week in France?

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After the nice clearing at the weekend, the rain has returned to a large part of the country and temperatures are dropping sharply. Will this bad weather last? La Dépêche du Midi answers you.

Météo France had announced it, the clear blue sky and the sun were not set to last, after enjoying a very summery Ascension Bridge, France is entering an “unstable and cool week”.

In its forecast bulletin, Météo France explains that we are in the middle of an “active disturbance” which will “give significant accumulations of rain around the Gulf of Lion”. And forecasters announce: “It will be followed by a mass of cooler air. The atmosphere will remain unstable until the end of the week, with showers and temperatures a little shy for the season, particularly in the south .” Nearly 40 departments are also on yellow alert for flood risks.

Departments on “flood” vigilance.
France weather screenshot

This Tuesday, only the tip of Brittany, the Basque Country and the far east of the Grand Est region will see the sun, everywhere else, grayness has set in, accompanied by rain over a very large part of the country. It is in Strasbourg that it will be the hottest this afternoon with the mercury rising to 26°C, everywhere else the thermometer will struggle to reach 20°C, a far cry from the nearly 30°C recorded in the South Saturday May 11.

Clearing on Friday in Occitania before the return of rain and storms next weekend

The gray sky should persist all week, with the exception of rare regions, and the rain will dominate, even if Wednesday promises to be a little less rainy, it should only rain in Normandy (Cherbourg), in Brittany (Rennes), around Limoges and Aurillac and in eastern France (between Belfort and Bourg-Saint-Maurice).

On Friday, the sun will return from the south, despite a few drops predicted on a line going from Bordeaux to Gap, via Aurillac, further south, the weather will be pleasant with clear skies and temperatures around 20°C. But from Saturday, the disturbance returns with thunderstorms and showers over a large part of the country, the bad weather is expected to last for another Sunday and Monday…



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