3E Territorial Initiative: BMCE Capital Investments launches a call for expressions of interest

3E Territorial Initiative: BMCE Capital Investments launches a call for expressions of interest
3E Territorial Initiative: BMCE Capital Investments launches a call for expressions of interest

BMCE Capital. Credit: The Desk

BMCE Capital Investments, a subsidiary of the BMCE Capital group dedicated to Private Equity, announced the launch of a Call for Expression of Interest (AMI) as part of the 3E Territorial Initiative “Equity, Employment, Environment”, at the level of the Souss Massa region, deployed jointly with the Entrepreneurship Observatory (ODE) of Bank Of Africa – BMCE Group and the Souss Massa Regional Investment Center (CRI).

This operation aims to identify one or more companies in the Souss Massa region, which would be eligible for a possible capital investment via the Capital Croissance fund of BMCE Capital Investments, indicate the CRI Souss-Massa, the ODE and BMCE Capital Investments in a joint press release.

The objective is to actively participate in promoting the transition to a sustainable economic model by promoting and financially supporting investment and development projects carried out by companies with high growth potential, reports the same Source.

Dynamic and innovative companies from the Souss Massa region are invited to participate in this AMI and which meet four criteria.

These are companies having achieved a turnover of at least 30 million dirhams (MDH) at least once over the last 3 years and a positive operating result over the same period, and having not not operate in a sector that is part of the exclusion list. All sectors are eligible, with the exception of real estate, tourism, agriculture, commodity trading, and deep-sea fishing (exclusion list to be consulted at AMI level).

Companies must also present an investment project of more than MAD 20 million contributing to job creation, social inclusion or decarbonization and must not be in a situation of judicial recovery, conciliation or payment default.

At the end of a first evaluation committee, the preselected companies will enter into discussions with the sponsors of the AMI and will be able to benefit from a training program, strategic advice, professional mentoring, and access to a network of experts to maximize their growth potential.

The companies then selected to benefit from an investment by the Capital Croissance Fund will have tailor-made support according to their needs, over the holding period, favored by a close relationship with the management team of BMCE Capital Investments, and based on the extensive network of Bank Of Africa – BMCE Group and its expertise.

Through this initiative, CRI Souss Massa, ODE and BMCE Capital Investments reaffirm their commitment to the development of a resilient economy in the Souss Massa region, by offering local businesses the opportunity to benefit from fund financing. own resources and tailor-made support to accelerate their growth and contribute to a sustainable economic future.

Interested companies are invited to submit their complete file, in accordance with the provisions of the AMI, no later than Wednesday June 12, 2024 at 6:00 p.m., via the email address [email protected]concludes the press release.

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