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Israeli-Palestinian conflict: recognition of Palestine will return to the House next Wednesday

A PS-Ecolo-Groen resolution aimed at the formal recognition of Palestine by Belgium returns to the House committee next Wednesday, MP Malik Ben Achour (PS) said this Thursday, on the occasion of the official launch of a network European Parliamentarians for Palestine.

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Published on 04/11/2024 at 12:14

These three Vivaldi parties are still weighing up the opportunity to try to form an alternative majority, since “only the MR is still opposed”, the PS deputy told the Belga Agency, who sees openings on the side of Open Vld and CD&V.


The seven majority parties agree on a possible recognition “in due time” of the Palestinian state, as stated in the government agreement, but the left wing of Vivaldi is pushing to accelerate the pace. The text examined being a resolution, its vote would still give the government time to put the six-monthly presidency of the Council of the EU behind it before validating recognition, if the Open Vld and the MR were to still be hampered by this, according to the socialist deputy.

Questioned last Thursday in the House, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo simply recalled Belgium’s official position. “The two-state solution, with recognition, is the one and only solution.” But “when we talk about recognition, it must immediately help the population. » However, in his eyes, the two-state solution still implies “fundamental changes” on the Israeli side, but also on the Palestinian side, particularly in terms of governance. In the meantime, “Belgium is working with others to move the lines. »

Distribution of the population of the Gaza Strip by level of food insecurity in three areas, according to IPC data published on March 18, 2024
Distribution of the population of the Gaza Strip by level of food insecurity in three areas, according to IPC data published on March 18, 2024 – AFP_INFOG

During a debate a few days ago at the Brussels book fair, PS president Paul Magnette drew a parallel between the recognition of Palestine and aid to Ukraine. “No double standards!” If we are able to support Ukraine, we must also recognize the Palestinian state,” he argued.


This Thursday, the press room of the European Parliament hosted the official launch of a European network of parliamentarians for Palestine. Some 160 current and former elected officials from national parliaments or the European Assembly are participating, in order to better coordinate their actions in the face of Europe’s “powerlessness and inertia” on this issue.


It has been ten years since the French National Assembly and Senate called on the French government to recognize the State of Palestine, “but since then, we have remained in the realm of words,” lamented French senator Raymonde Poncet-Monge ( Europe Ecology The Greens).

At the end of March, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (socialist) issued a joint statement with his Irish, Maltese and Slovenian counterparts, in which they said they were “ready to recognize Palestine” when this could “make a positive contribution” to the resolution. of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



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