this very cloudy but still warm Monday announces a rainy week

Today’s weather forecast looks cloudy, according to the IRM, which however forecasts still pleasant temperatures. The rest of the week should prove to be particularly wet.


This Monday morning, low clouds will be present in many places with the risk of low visibility in the Ardennes. During the day, clearings and clouds sometimes carrying showers will alternate. These will be more likely on the coast and in the East and could become locally stormy in the afternoon. The maxima will oscillate between 18 degrees in Ardennes and 22 degrees in Campine.

This evening, the cloudiness will be variable with large clearings and some residual showers and sometimes stormy weather in the far north of the country. During the night from Monday to Tuesday, the clearings will widen and the weather will become dry. The minimums will oscillate between 10 degrees in Upper Ardennes and 14 or 15 degrees in Lower and Middle Belgium.

The next days

Tuesday At the start of the morning, the weather will be dry with sunshine and an altitude veil which will extend from the southwest. Then, the sky will continue to get cloudier from France and a few isolated showers may already develop. In the afternoon, an area of ​​rain will slowly invade our country. The maxima will vary from 19 or 20 degrees along the French border and on the relief to 24 or 25 degrees in Campine, under a generally moderate east to southeast wind returning towards the south to southwest. The following night, the area of ​​rain will continue its slow progression towards the northeast.

Wednesday At dawn, regions close to France will benefit from dry weather and clearings. Elsewhere, we will find rain which will gradually evacuate through the Netherlands and Germany. In the afternoon, the sky will be partly cloudy with a shower in places. The maxima will oscillate from 14 to 19 degrees, under a rather weak southerly wind or variable direction. A breeze may develop on the coast.

The end of the week promises to be rainy as well.



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