Minor arrested in Charlesbourg: the police went too far according to the mother

Minor arrested in Charlesbourg: the police went too far according to the mother
Minor arrested in Charlesbourg: the police went too far according to the mother

Even if she does not excuse her son’s actions, the mother of the young teenager arrested by the police during a rally in Charlesbourg on Friday evening still does not understand why the patrol officers used “such force on a 15-year-old teenager.” “.

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“He’s still a child. I’m not excusing what he did, he shouldn’t have stayed in front of the police car, but to rush at him in a car and then pick him up like that? It makes no sense,” denounces the young man’s mother, Joanie Savard-Auger.

The gathering of a few hundred young people turned sour on Friday when the police sprayed many minors with pepper spray in order to disperse them.

In addition to being peppered, his son, William Auger-Hamel, was arrested by four police officers who simultaneously intervened with force to control him by grabbing him by his moped helmet and pulling his head backwards.

“He is only 15 years old. He is 5 feet 4 and weighs 130 pounds. Was it really necessary to intervene with four people? […] The police said it was either that or they would break his arm,” his mother added.

The day after the events, he also had many visible after-effects, including several scratches and bruises, particularly on his head and back.

The young man’s injuries following his arrest the day before | Credit: Nicolas St-Pierre

The SPVQ dishonest according to him

According to the Quebec Police Service (SPVQ), young William deliberately decided to directly confront the police by blocking the passage of the patrol vehicle and going so far as to lean his moped on the front of the vehicle.

However, it is possible to see, on several videos available on the networks, that the patrol officers instead rush towards the young person to the point of knocking him and his moped over.

“They say that I was blocking the way when I was already there and that it was them who came to stand in front of me. They had room to pass on either side and they voluntarily decided to rush towards me,” defends William Auger-Hamel.

The young man then went to the driver’s side to hit the car window and insult the police before they got out of the vehicle and placed him under arrest for obstructing the work of a peace officer. . He was eventually released a short time later and returned to his parents.

Excessive force according to his mother

During her interview with Le Journal, Ms. Savard-Auger mentioned on multiple occasions that she did not in any way condone the actions taken by her son.

However, she believes that the force used by the police officers was excessive and that disciplinary measures must be taken against the officers who made the arrest. This is also why she plans to file an ethics complaint.

“It is certain that we will file a complaint because incidents like that cannot happen again with other young people,” she said.



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