WhatsApp gets a new design, pilotless hypersonic planes are coming, the recap

Meta has just deployed a brand new interface on its WhatsApp application, these military planes will soon no longer have pilots, Google Messages wants to put an end to unwanted messages, that’s the recap.

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The WhatsApp iOS and Android application has just received a new design update, which makes it more refined. For its part, the US Air Force would already be working on a fairly revolutionary military hypersonic aircraft, since there would be no pilot. Finally, the Google Messages application would have a new trick to prevent you from receiving unwanted messages. Come on, here we go for the recap of the day of Friday May 10, 2024.

New design for WhatsApp on Android and iOS

WhatsApp is currently rolling out a major update to its user interface on iOS and Android. This redesign introduces a new, more modern design, with improvements to dark mode, a revamped color palette, and simplified navigation. The icons are now rounded, the transitions are smoother, and the layout of key elements such as the search bar has been revised for greater ergonomics.

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The US Air Force will soon use a revolutionary military aircraft

The SR-72, nicknamed “The Son of the Blackbird”, is a top secret US Air Force project aimed at creating the fastest unmanned aircraft ever designed. Scheduled for test flights from 2025 and entry into service around 2030, it promises hypersonic speeds exceeding 6,400 km/h, or around 5 times the speed of sound. Combining reconnaissance technologies and offensive capabilities, this new generation mixed propulsion drone will revolutionize military hypersonic aviation.

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Google has the solution to spam messages

Google Messages introduces a new feature to completely hide messages from blocked contacts, including in group chats. However, even though you will no longer see their messages, these blocked contacts will still be able to see yours. A notification will alert you when messages are hidden in a group due to blocked contacts. This highly anticipated update provides more control and peace of mind for users who want to avoid unwanted interactions.

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