French language: Legault shocked by the vulgar remarks of a federal liberal elected official

Prime Minister François Legault condemned Wednesday the comments of Franco-Ontarian federal Liberal MP Francis Drouin, who told two witnesses who campaign for the protection of French in Quebec that they were making “extremist” comments and that they were “full of shit”.

This is a complete lack of judgment.Prime Minister François Legault ruled on Wednesday, during a press scrum at the National Assembly.

A few minutes earlier, his Minister of the French Language, Jean-François Roberge, judged that the remarks were absolutely unworthy and that by refusing to condemnit was the entire Liberal government of Justin Trudeau that had an examination of conscience to do.

He had a statistical, scientific, mathematical fact presented to him, and he responded with insults. Then he was somehow defended or excused by the Prime Minister and by ministerslamented Mr. Roberge.

The vulgar spat took place Monday at the Standing Committee on Official Languages ​​as two witnesses – a researcher and a CEGEP professor – explained that when a Francophone or an allophone attends an English-speaking university or CEGEP, this significantly increases the probability that he will then lead his life in English.

They had been invited to comment on a study on the financing of English-speaking post-secondary institutions in Quebec and French-speaking ones elsewhere in the country.

Our Mordus comment on the controversy surrounding the remarks made on Monday by MP Drouin.

Wednesday morning, Mr. Drouin deplored that some extrapolate by claiming that he insults those who defend the French language. However, he judges that the two witnesses provided an explanation simplistic and who does not unanimity within the research community.

I understand, of course, if there are English speakers who have the early childhood continuum, go to school in English, go to primary school in English, go to secondary school in English, do their post-secondary studies in English. […] It is certain that they will live their lives in Englishhe told reporters.

Mr. Drouin, who withdrew his words immediately after uttering them, noted that he would accept Of course to apologize if both witnesses feel offendedwhich did not come to his ears.


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Liberal MP Francis Drouin apologized in form, but not in substance, after making derogatory remarks towards two witnesses campaigning for the protection of French in Quebec on Monday. (Archive photo)

Photo: The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld

Called to comment, Minister Roberge judged that withdrawing his words with a small smile, it was not enough and that the member must apologize.

He also believes that Prime Minister Trudeau must move from words to action by taking concrete actions such as giving the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​new powers.

When they arrived at the Liberal caucus meeting, like the day before, several ministers came to his defense, starting with the Minister of Official Languages, Randy Boissonnault.

When we have French speakers studying in Alberta, like me, I did at the Saint-Jean campus, it has not made the province of Alberta French. And if we look at the number of students we have in Quebec, that doesn’t anglicize the province eitherdid he declare.

The Bloc wants Drouin to leave the presidency of theAPF

For its part, the Bloc Québécois is now distributing letters to push the elected official to resign from his position as president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophonie (APF).

Mr. Drouin disqualified himself from his mandate to contribute to the influence of the French language internationally by refusing to calmly debate the influence of French here, in Quebec, the main home of the French language in America.mentions Bloc MP René Villemure in his missives sent Tuesday evening.

The member for Trois-Rivières, who is also one of the two vice-presidents of the Canadian section of theAPFsent similar letters to the other vice-president – ​​Nova Scotia Liberal MP Darrell Samson – and members of the executive committee, and a copy to members of the Canadian section of the inter-parliamentary organization.

He is sorry that Mr. Drouin has rudely insulted the two witnesses and that the chosen one demonstrateswillful blindness in a conversation that focuses on the decline of French and the responsibility of the federal government.

This conduct and the refusal to apologize for it is unacceptable and unworthy of the function of defender of the Francophoniewrites Mr. Villemure, who not only requests his resignation from the presidency of the Canadian section, but also that he leave his functions on the international scene, which implies that he is no longer at the head of the organization. I invite you to think about ithe concludes.

Minister Roberge indicated that he was not ready to go until there Today. And MP Samson wants to take the time to study the letter.



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