Emmanuel Macron details what he means by “demographic rearmament”

Emmanuel Macron details what he means by “demographic rearmament”
Emmanuel Macron details what he means by “demographic rearmament”
SAMEER AL-DOUMY / AFP Emmanuel Macron, March 22, 2024.


Emmanuel Macron, March 22, 2024.

POLITICS – After the announcement effect (and the controversies which followed) Emmanuel Macron says more about the “ demographic rearmament » mentioned during his press conference on January 16. In a magazine interview Shebetween an explanation of the text on his comments on Gérard Depardieu and the idea of ​​a “ duty of visit » for fathers in single-parent families, the Head of State clarified what he meant through this concept aimed at “ revive our birth rate “.

This involves, as he announced, the establishment of birth leave “ shorter and better paid » than that currently in force. “ Three months for mothers, three months for fathers, cumulative during the child’s first year, and compensated up to 50% of salary up to the Social Security ceiling (1,900 euros) », he detailed to the weekly, announcing that this new system will come into force at the end of 2025. As for the fertility aspect of this “ rearmament », Emmanuel Macron announces the systematization of balance sheets.

“Fertility check-up”

For example, around the age of 20, a “fertility check-up” will provide a complete assessment, spermogram, ovarian reserve, etc. “, he illustrates, also announcing “ campaigns in favor of self-preservation of oocytes for women who wish to have children later “. All of this will be accompanied, as previously announced, by a research program on infertility.

As for the choice of words used, which for many feminists smacked of dystopia, Emmanuel Macron explains that it was only a matter of spinning the metaphor “ used in other sectors » of society (economic, civic, etc.). “ This is to say that the strength of a nation also lies in its capacity to generate a dynamic birth rate. », justifies the head of state, who says he is only concerned by the gap between the fertility rate (1.8) and that of the desire for children (2.3).

There are therefore many couples who wish to become parents and do not realize this wish. We must not make those who do not want to have children feel guilty, but the poor organization of our society must not prevent women and families from having children if they wish. “, he summarized. The fact remains that many countries have undertaken similar policies to cope with the decline in the birth rate. Without convincing results at the moment.

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