Few EU countries represented at Vladimir Putin’s inauguration ceremony

Vladimir Putin takes oath for a fifth term during an inauguration ceremony boycotted by a majority of European representatives


Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic had warned that they did not intend to send a representative to Vladimir Putin’s inauguration ceremony.

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, believes that EU countries should not be represented there: “After many discussions with Member States, I sent a message to everyone saying that, in my opinion, the right thing to do was not to attend this inauguration. And I hope that many of them, most of them will follow this indication But each Member State is fully sovereign to decide whether to go or not, but I hope that most will not go.

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According to the correspondent of the newspaper Le Monde, six countries nevertheless sent their ambassadors, Hungary, Slovakia, Malta, Greece, Cyprus and France despite the latter being summoned by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs the day before.

The Russian president re-elected last March will thus begin his 25th year at the top of power, including 20 as president.

This new mandate will end in 2030, when it will be possible for him to run again.

During the ceremony in the Golden Palace at the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin placed his hand on the Russian Constitution and pledged to defend it as a crowd of hand-picked dignitaries looked on.

The morning ended with a traditional military parade on Red Square in Moscow.



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