Military industry: A new drone manufacturing factory soon in Morocco

After ordering 150 WanderB and ThunderB type drones from the Israeli aircraft manufacturer BlueBird Aero Systems, the Kingdom is about to welcome the first military drone construction unit of the same caliber. Indeed, on the African continent, Morocco is among the first countries to have opted for this industrial niche. However, no information has been disclosed on the location or start date of this industrial unit.

This process of military industrialization was triggered following the entry into force in 2020 of Law No. 10.20 relating to defense and security materials and equipment, weapons and ammunition. This new industry does not only concern the manufacturing of WanderB and ThunderB drones on national soil, but it also concerns the SpyX drone with which the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) are equipped.

This first step taken by the Kingdom will make it possible to develop an industrial fabric bringing together various actors, namely international manufacturers, Moroccan companies and foreign institutional partners. Experts point out that the defense aircraft industry does not require the deployment of very “advanced” industrial infrastructures, unlike the construction of armored vehicles and tanks. It is for this reason that certain countries such as Turkey – with the Bayraktar TB2 – have started to move towards this industrial niche.



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