RMB and Sparkers are launching a gaming barometer aimed at the advertising market.

Dn a world where digital shapes modes of communication, gaming is emerging as an essential new channel for brands. It is in this context that RMB and Sparkers, a reference in data and measurements in the gaming market, announce a strategic partnership.


RMB, a major advertising agency in the Belgian media landscape, and Sparkers, leader in data analysis of the gaming market, are proud to announce their partnership. This merger is a key step in the evolution of communication channels for brands, with gaming now establishing itself as an essential vector. Sparkers, present in several countries and headquartered in Belgium, is the preferred partner of the largest video game publishers. This association with RMB, linked to its new content production activity via Slice, represents a unique opportunity for creators active in gaming.

The flagship project of this collaboration is the launch of a quarterly barometer which will provide key indicators to measure the growing influence of gaming. This barometer, the result of rigorous data collection via declarative sources and real-time measurements on Live Streaming and VOD platforms, will allow advertisers and agencies to understand the trends, profiles and practices of gamers at the moment. global scale.

The tool, launched during a dedicated event on May 14, is intended to help advertising players understand the complex and dynamic world of gaming.

Yves Gérard, CEO of RMB: Gaming has become a universal and widespread leisure activity across all categories of the population. It is also a sector in continuous growth. Consumption habits in this area and the typology of players are therefore key elements for understanding how this new ‘media’ impacts populations. This sector is of increasing interest to advertisers who see it as a new way to reach younger targets. With the help and knowledge of a specialist like Sparkers, RMB intends to deepen and share metrics related to gaming. It seemed appropriate to us, for our advertising market, to launch a barometer to analyze the rapid developments linked to this discipline “.

Gilles Collet, CEO at Sparkers :The industry video games has evolved significantly over the last decade, evolving from a business selling consoles and games to a multimodal business bringing together an ever-increasing number of enthusiasts around franchises and interactive content. Today, gaming has become a media in its own right with engaged audiences numbering in the millions. As such, modern consumer communication strategies must include gaming in their mix, especially when it comes to reaching audiences that are rarely found in traditional media and social networks.”



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