Newey’s departure does not herald Red Bull’s implosion

Newey’s departure does not herald Red Bull’s implosion
Newey’s departure does not herald Red Bull’s implosion

Earlier this week, Red Bull confirmed that its design master, Adrian Newey, was leaving the team after 19 years of service, which saw him win seven drivers’ and six constructors’ titles. Newey is said to be unhappy with political power plays going on behind the scenes at Red Bull that have yet to be resolved.

When asked if Newey’s abrupt departure amid the turmoil within the team was a sign of Red Bull’s implosion, Fernando Alonso replied: “I don’t think that’s the case. “It’s obvious they’ve dominated the sport since 2021 and when something happens outside of the race weekend, there’s a lot of information that comes out about this team.”

“They are the ones that everyone wants to beat, and everyone wants to disrupt them in a way to make sure they are able to beat them on the track. If a technical director or designer from another team leaves, it will make a little less noise than if it happens on the winning team.

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Fernando Alonso dreams of working with Adrian Newey, a privilege today of Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez.

Photo: Andy Hone / Motorsport Images

Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll is known to be interested in Newey’s services after making him a verbal offer to join the Silverstone team, but the 65-year-old British technician has been much more strongly linked with a arrived at Ferrari.

Alonso states that he “always wanted to work” with Newey and considers that being active at the same time as the designer is a privilege in itself, whether a collaboration takes place or not.

“I always wanted to work with him, once in my life,” said the Spaniard. “I respect him a lot. I consider him to be probably the best Formula 1 designer of all time, a legend of the sport, and I feel sort of privileged to drive alongside him in the paddock and obviously as a competitor.”

“We are very happy with our technical department. Obviously Adrian is one of the best, but he has to fit into a team. It’s more of a Lawrence decision and, ultimately, a decision of Adrian. We don’t even know if he wants to retire from Formula 1 and we have different approaches for the future, so it’s more a question for him.”

Newey will leave the Red Bull organization in March 2025 after negotiating an early exit. Until then, he will continue to work for the Milton Keynes company and its RB17 Hypercar, but he will no longer be actively involved in its technical developments or future automotive projects.



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