the Blood and Gold win, the hold moves away to Lorient

the Blood and Gold win, the hold moves away to Lorient
the Blood and Gold win, the hold moves away to Lorient

Wahi’s satisfaction after his goal and the Lens victory

Elye Wahi on Prime Video: “This victory will do us good, will allow us to finish in style at the end of the season I hope. We knew that it would not be an easy match, we can be very proud of ourselves.

I know there is a part of the public that has never let me down. It’s nice, it allows me to keep my head high with the help of my teammates, the staff and the coach. We must always continue to work, the season is not over. I hope I continue like this.

(After his missed opportunity in the first period) I had the support of my partners, Brice Samba told me not to lower my head and that I would have another one which should end up at the bottom. That’s what I did. The yellow card? It doesn’t matter, the next match I was suspended (smile). I will be there for the last home match against Montpellier.”

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Lorient gets stuck in 17th place

The Bretons are now 3 points behind Metz and Le Havre, who still have three games to play. Lorient, for its part, still has to face OM and Clermont.


The Lensois took time to find the opening but they did the job against a valiant Lorient team. Elye Wahi, in difficulty in recent weeks, has found his way back to goal. Pereira Da Costa made the break at the end of the match.

Saïd tries from afar

It’s above. Since coming into play, the Lensois striker has tried a lot, but it hasn’t paid off so far.

6 minutes of added time

But Lorient does not seem to be able to win at the end of the match.


From the left side, the Pole hits the near post but hits the post. He had landed well on his right foot.

Lorient is no longer there

Since the 2-0, there is a lot of space in the Breton defense.


On a good cross from Sotoca, Saïd is not far from being able to take over and deceive Mvogo. Ultimately, he is very hampered by the Lorient defense.


WHAT AGAINST LENSOIS! On a low recovery, David Pereira Da Costa goes back 60 meters with the ball, he fixes the defense and serves Thomasson on the left side, who puts it back in the area. The Portuguese finishes with a close-range touch. 2-0 FOR BLOOD AND GOLD!

Triple change for Lorient

Entries from Bakayoko, Katseris and Bamba, entries from Bouanani, Kalulu and Kroupi. No change of system, it’s position for position.

Fulgini and Wahi releases

This time, the Lens center forward is not whistled by Bollaert. Entries from Thomasson and Saïd.


THE LENSOIS GOALKEEPER IS VERY PRESENT! Bamba appears in the area, he opens his foot and tries to secure. It’s probably the right move but Samba lets his foot drag to push the ball away. Superb save and a big missed action for Lorient.


He tries to roll in from the left but that doesn’t deceive Samba, who catches the ball.

Wahi with Benzema and Mbappé

For 40 years, the Lensois striker has been the 3rd youngest player to reach 40 goals in Ligue 1 after Benzema and Mbappé.

Big mistake from Katseris

The Lorient player had lost the ball in a dangerous area against Machado. He made a mistake straight away and took a logical yellow. Good free kick ahead for Lens.

Katseris Center

But it is repelled by the Lensoise defense, which does not get caught.

Lorient continues to push

The Bretons have come out a lot more since the opening score and managed to create interesting situations.


SAMBA PUSHES BACK! Lorient has reacted well since the opening score. Katseris is launched deep, he goes into the area and attempts a cross shot. The Lens goalkeeper pushes back with his right hand but he seems to have hurt himself.

Laporte scores with a header…

But the referee whistled a foul just before the Lorient player’s head. In slow motion, it’s impossible to understand what was being whistled. Perhaps a premature decision…

Wahi responds to whistles from 2 weeks ago

The Lensois striker was whistled by some of the Bollaert supporters after coming up against the Clermont goalkeeper on 3 big occasions. His goal tonight, with this celebration, comes in response to this episode.


1-0 FOR LENS! Following excellent pressing from Mendy on Bakayoko, Wahi inherits the ball in the area. He positions himself and adjusts Mvogo to open the scoring. Wahi celebrates by removing his jersey in front of the Lensois supporters.

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The celebration of Elye Wahi with Lens, May 3, 2024 © Prime Video screen capture


HE WAS ALONE ! On a corner, the Lensois striker can head in but it lacks power and precision, it is captured by Mvogo.


He was found behind the defense and achieved a very nice control shot sequence in a small space. It’s blocked by Laporte but Wahi is flagged offside anyway. It was well done by everyone.

The center of Fulgini

It’s imprecise and it’s heading towards the goal, but it misses the point.

Mvogo put to work

Machado hits very hard. It’s in a tight corner and Mvogo is vigilant, he pushes back for a corner.

It started again on the same bases

Lens has the ball, Lorient defends very low. But not sure that the Bretons can hold on like this for another 45 minutes.

It’s back to Lens!

The Sang et Or kick off this second half. Without Danso, out injured as was feared. He is replaced by Haïdara.

It’s the break at Bollaert!

On a final shot from Machado off target. Still 0-0 in this meeting between Lens and Lorient. The Sang et Or have the ball but struggle to create clear chances. Lorient remained dangerous at times on the counterattacks. Everything is still to be done in the second half.

Danso got hurt

He touched his adductors when he returned to Bamba. The Austrian remained seated on the lawn for a while. He will last until the break, but not sure if he will participate in the second period. Haïdara went to warm up.

Bamba tries to force his way into the box

He is stopped by the Lensoise defense. It’s been a long time since Lorient had any interesting situations.

Center too long from Sotoca

The Lensois continue to hold the ball, chaining crosses or percussions on the sides, without succeeding in finding the opening.

Medina is everywhere

Sometimes center forward, sometimes leader on the previous action leading to Wahi’s shot, this time he is in the left winger position. The Argentinian is omnipresent in this match.


IT’S NEXT TO ! Well served in one touch by Fulgini, Wahi is alone in front of goal. He opens his foot to deceive Mvogo but misses the target by a few centimeters. The Lensois striker continues to lack success.

Sotoca penetrates the surface

He tries to serve a partner but it doesn’t work, the defense has closed the spaces.

Ponceau tries his luck

He wanted to take advantage of Mendy’s call to open up a striking window, but he was blocked. Too bad for Lorient.


IT WAS A GOAL BALL! In an advanced position, the Argentinian lets the ball pass between his legs before offering a solution to Wahi. He is served and connects with the right, his bad foot, but does not find the target.

Wahi gets a good free kick

It’s hit by Fulgini but repelled by the Breton defense.


It was pushed back by Frankowski, from a corner, but it was probably not on target anyway.

Bakayoko decisive

Machado’s back cross was very good, but it was narrowly intercepted by Bakayoko. Pereira Da Costa was ideally placed just behind.

Sotoca’s header off target

The attacker was again found on a cross from the left, but in contact with Benjamin Mendy, he failed to adjust his header correctly.

Wahi very little found

And when this is the case, he has difficulty continuing. For the moment, he has only participated in a good movement where he had to give Sotoca a goal.

Lens struggles to find the opening

Even if the Blood and Gold have possession, they are not very dangerous at the moment. Lorient defends well.


In a tight angle, the Lorient left-back tries to deceive Samba. It’s put in for a corner by the Lensois goalkeeper.

Wow for Sotoca!

The Lorient defense was caught in depth! Fulgini had launched Wahi well, whose pass to Sotoca was excellent. But the defense returns at the last minute.

Wahi in the surface

Good return from Adjei to stop Wahi from striking. The ball remains Lensois but it does nothing.

Lens holds the ball well

Lorient seems to want to evolve on rapid attacks to recover. Lens has time to set up its offensives at the moment.

The redemption match for Wahi?

The Lensois striker loses the ball on a missed dribble. During his last outing at Bollaert, he was whistled by his own supporters. He has not scored in Ligue 1 since the end of March.

Lorient starts to come out

The Merlus come out well and even get a free kick headed straight. It’s well taken by Louza, but well defended and captured by Samba.

First Lensoise foray

Center from Frankowski, Fulgini tries to put his head in a difficult position. Lens is already laying siege to the Lorient area until a left strike from Fulgini. It’s framed but captured by Mvogo.

Let’s go to Bollaert!

The kick-off is given by Lorient, in a match at stake for maintenance and for Europe.

Kick-off imminent

The opportunity to recall the evening’s compositions.

Lens: Samba – Gradit, Danso, Medina – Frankowski, Mendy, Fulgini, Machado – Pereira Da Costa, Sotoca, Wahi.

Lorient: Mvogo – Adjei, Talbi, Laporte – Katseris, Abergel, Bakayoko, Mendy – Louza, Ponceau, Bamba.

During a Lorient-Lens

Christophe Jallet scored his first (superb) goal in Ligue 1. It was in 2006.

Lorient in the fight to maintain

17th and currently relegated, the Lorientais have three games to save themselves. Their schedule is not easy, with Lens this evening, then Marseille. But the Merlus must also face Clermont, bottom of Ligue 1. At the same time, they must hope that Metz or Le Havre lose points along the way.

Lens still in the race for Europe

The Lensois, currently 6th, are still in the race for Europe next season. 6th place will qualify for Europe and this could even be the case for 7th place if Paris Saint-Germain wins the Coupe de France. Lens can even still hope to finish 5th if Nice, which has a difficult schedule at the end of the season, loses points.

Lens with Wahi and Sotoca

Deprived of El Eynaoui, injured, Franck Haise integrates Pereira Da Costa into the starting lineup. Gradit is also back from suspension and finds a starting place in defense. Otherwise, it’s the same team that faced Marseille last week.

The composition of Lens: Samba – Gradit, Danso, Medina – Frankowski, Mendy, Fulgini, Machado – Pereira Da Costa, Sotoca, Wahi.

The Lorient composition

The composition of Lorient: Mvogo – Adjei, Talbi, Laporte – Katseris, Abergel, Bakayoko, Mendy – Louza, Ponceau, Bamba.

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