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Behind the hateful lyrics of an anti-RN rap, Seth Gueko advocates “a message of peace”

Behind the hateful lyrics of an anti-RN rap, Seth Gueko advocates “a message of peace”
Behind the hateful lyrics of an anti-RN rap, Seth Gueko advocates “a message of peace”

The 43-year-old rapper is part of the collective that produced the ten-minute track with its violent and conspiratorial lyrics against the National Rally and its electorate.

«Racists can talk about a song with hate, but that’s all they advocate: it’s the hospital making fun of charity,” says rapper Seth Gueko France Info after the controversy over the song entitled Not pass . In this ten-minute anti-RN song, published the day after the first round of the legislative elections, the artist with the tattoo of Black Berrier holds his verse to the words of«anti cho-fa».

The rapper was alongside Fianso, Akhenaton and Zola, in this song written the day after the first round of the legislative elections where Jordan Bardella’s party finished in the lead. Published in the middle of the night, the title quickly accumulated views on Youtube: «Jordan is dead», is repeated three times in the first seconds of the song before dealing with “Marine and Marion” of «p***»and to imagine “a blow of the stick on these female dogs in heat”.

In his verse, Seth Gueko evokes “the smudges” what “all these cops love it”before adding, “They want to spray us with cold water or carbonize us with a hot flame.” The entirety of the lyrics has been decried by a large part of the right. The president of the National Rally describes the text as“calls for murder.” While on the left, the national secretary of EELV Marine Tondelier denounces “violent rap codes for women.”

The rapper, whose latest album released in 2022 is called Eat your dead, takes on the words.It’s a multi-generational piece! Sometimes you need shock words, electroshocks, he retorts to France Info. Today, young people are a little more virulent and experience things differently. For example, I don’t suffer from racial profiling as much as a little Arab or a little black guy.” The man with the brutal punchlines, specifies with a hint of nostalgia: “My generation is black, white, Arab. When we went to eat at each other’s houses, it was about sharing. Despite a certain violence in some of the lyrics, there is a message of peace that is advocated.”

In addition to criticism from the political class, Seth Gueko notes that his number of subscribers has decreased on social networks. “These are my words since forever. It’s surprising to think that there are guys who followed me on social networks, who must have found me nice, but who have never listened to my texts. We are in the culture of emptiness! Not pass is imprinted in my DNA. For me, for the neighborhoods, Jean-Marie Le Pen was the devil for minorities, for Jews, for French people of diverse origins.”

The singer is also outraged to see how far-right activists “are uninhibited”. «Before, they hid behind pseudonyms, behind ballot papers and now they feel hyper-confident. France has become a breeding ground.”he denounces.I’m not here to spit on the French flag. I love my France. I love its wine, its cheese platters… I love France in its diversity.”




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