INTERVIEW. Christophe Willem: “Music helps us wait for better days”

INTERVIEW. Christophe Willem: “Music helps us wait for better days”
INTERVIEW. Christophe Willem: “Music helps us wait for better days”

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A few pop notes will freshen up the Toulouse Festival on Sunday with the piano-voice duo formed by Yvan Cassar and Christophe Willem. From Mylène Farmer to Louis Chédid and Michel Berger, the Théâtre du Capitole will not believe its ears!

Your creation is called “Our classics” but reassure us it will be pop?

Yes, completely. Our classics are an idea of ​​Yvan Cassar from the meeting of artists with whom he collaborated and my titles or the songs that are linked to me since the Nouvelle star and which are connected to my history. It will be a mixture of our two universes.

So what are you going to sing outside of your repertoire?

Yvan Cassar works with a lot of very different people like Mylène Farmer, Louis Chédid. We had given Michel Berger carte blanche together for the Francopholies. So we reintegrated titles from this recital. It will be a fairly vast repertoire. For me it could go from “Sunny” to “Jacques a dit”.

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Who chose the titles between Yvan Cassar and you?

Both of us. We bring our worlds together for this creation of the Toulouse Festival, seeking harmony and coherence. We are on a logic of piano-voice recital in duo for this second creation between us.

What do you like about this concept?

What is already enjoyable is to play in places different from those that host pop music, like here at the Capitole theater. To reach another audience, to get off the beaten track and to highlight the musicality of this repertoire. What is great with pop music is that we can move from one style to another. This type of “one shot” concert is always exciting because it is unique. It allows us to get out of the routine.

How do you work together?

As for learning a new repertoire that requires us to manage very different rhythms, going from Mylène Farmer to Louis Chédid and my own songs, it’s a big gap. Even on a vocal level. Some songs are soft, others more vocally powerful, playing on the gravity of the voice. What we like with Yvan is to consider the voice as an instrument in its own right.

You are used to singing here, where you were recently at the Barrière casino, and it was in Toulouse that you auditioned for Nouvelle Star… Why?

I am not from Toulouse but I have a lot of family near Toulouse. My uncle who is also my godfather lives in Léguevin. I have family ties in the North Aveyron, on the Aubrac plateau that I love. I go there regularly on vacation for its peace and quiet and its wild and mineral aspect that I love a lot. It was also my sister who lives in Graulhet in the Tarn who secretly signed me up for the casting of Nouvelle Star… That’s why I ended up in Toulouse where she accompanied me to the casting.

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Otherwise, apart from Aubrac, where do you like to go on holiday?

I really like the countryside here but when I can, I cross the ocean because I have an unconditional love for Brazil. I am in love with Rio but I also go to the countryside in the Northeast where there is a joy of life that does me good.

Brazil is also the country of music…

Yes, and then with everything we are experiencing at the moment on a political level, Brazil has this immediacy of saying today we are alive, tomorrow we will see… I think that this is the philosophy in which we all live or rather the one in which we should all manage to live in order to try to see the positive in what is happening to us.

Especially since you are singing on the evening of the second round…

Yes, and I invite people to come and relax with music, after voting, a few hours before the end of the election. Moreover, I will sing a bossa nova in homage to Brazil, also the country of mixed races where people live together while often waiting for better days.

Sunday, July 7 at 6 p.m. at the Capitole Theater (Place du Capitole) in Toulouse. Prices: €6 to €69. Tel. 05 17 42 31 31.


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