The Ruby Sunday mystery resolved in the finale (spoilers)

The Ruby Sunday mystery resolved in the finale (spoilers)
The Ruby Sunday mystery resolved in the finale (spoilers)

The finale of the new season of Doctor Who finally lifts the veil on the mystery of Ruby Sunday. Spoilers.

The new season of Doctor Who came to a close and its finale pitted the Fifteenth Doctor and his friends against Sutekh, the God of Death whose mission, we learned, was to solve the mystery of Ruby Sunday’s lineage himself. After all, Sutekh was also there on Christmas Eve 2004, attached to the TARDIS, and was unable, like anyone else, to make out the face of the hooded mother.

Indeed, Sutekh attached himself to the TARDIS following the Doctor in his adventures for thousands of years through time and space, awaiting death.

The Doctor has understood that Roger ap Gwilliam, the future terrible politician of the episode “73 Yards”could hold the key, given that in his time he passed a law that forces the registration of the DNA of all citizens.

The Doctor, Ruby and Mel then traveled to the 2040s, hoping to match Ruby’s DNA to someone in the government database. Once the result appeared on the monitor, Ruby taunted Sutekh with her mother’s identity claiming that she did not understand what was being displayed. She gets closer and closer to the God before letting the screen crash to the ground.

Ruby used this ruse to get close enough to Sutekh’s bestial form to attach a rope to him, the other end of which the Doctor had attached to the TARDIS. He then took Sutekh on a violent journey across the cosmos, and “bringing death to death everywhere!” “, he resurrected everyone who had been reduced to dust at the beginning of the episode.

After abandoning Sutekh in the void, everyone gathered at UNIT, where technology was used to obtain a match from the DNA database from the 2040s. And Ruby’s biological mother is…?

Louise Allison Miller, a 35-year-old nurse in Coventry, who at 15 gave birth to Ruby. But since Louise’s stepfather was not a good person, she decided to keep her daughter away from this toxic environment. As for Ruby’s father, he is just as ordinary, his name is William Benjamin Garnett and he was also 15 years old at the time and never knew that Louise was pregnant!

So why did this ordinary young woman become obsessed with the God of Death? “She was important because we think she is important”the Doctor understood. “His existence was more powerful than Time Lords and Gods”he added. “In the end, the most important person in the universe was the most ordinary: a scared young girl protecting her baby. »

Everyone at UNIT then realized that what Ruby’s mother was pointing to, in 2004, was a lamp post with the street name, Ruby Road. Ruby had always assumed that a social worker or rescue workers had chosen her name based on where she was found, but “my own mother chose it,” she said fondly.

After finding Louise and bonding with her and Carla, Ruby returned to the TARDIS, ready to set off on new adventures, but when she learned that her father had also been found, it became clear that her time as that the Doctor’s sidekick was over. He reassures her and tells her that they will meet again eventually but for now, her life is on earth and is just beginning.

“And now, Ruby Sunday…goodbye.” »

Before the screen faded to black, it was made clear that the Doctor’s Ruby-less travels were heading in a terrifying direction. Ms. Flood reappears and addresses viewers directly, breaking the fourth wall again: “What a happy ending for Ruby Sunday. But life goes on, doesn’t it, without pity. And what happens, you may ask, to this mysterious traveler through time and space known as the Doctor? I’m sorry to say, her story ends in absolute terror.”smiles the enigmatic woman, before saying good night.

The Doctor will soon return for a new season on Disney+.

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