his daughter Vanille looks like two drops of water and leaves Internet users under the spell, “Sublime”

Julien Clerc is one of the big names in French music. His passion for music even seems to have been passed down from generation to generation, since one of his daughters also became a singer. Vanille Clerc, now aged 36 years, indeed followed in his father’s footsteps. Lured in music since a young age, Julien Clerc’s daughter decided to make this art her profession.

It was from 2012 that she really began to get involved in the music. Initially, Julien Clerc’s daughter mainly performed on small stages. However, the artist quickly sought to gain popularitywhich motivated her to release her first single in 2016, Me boy. Then, his first,
Amazonended up being produced in 2019.

Vanille Clerc, the daughter of Julien Clerc, made a notable appearance on June 16, in Chantilly

Despite this career in music, Vanille Clerc is always discreet in the media. However, it happens that the daughter of the famous French singer makes notable appearances, like last June 16. The artist indeed participated in the 175th edition of the Prix de Diane Longines. This horse race took place at the racecourse of Sweet whipped cream.

And the participants were then able to see Julien Clerc’s daughter during this large sporting gathering. His presence was certainly expected. Before becoming passionate about music, Vanille Clerc is known for her attraction to
the horse riding. Moreover, the young woman attracted all eyes because of her natural beauty and her clothing style that day.

The resemblance between Julien Clerc and his daughter is striking

On the occasion of this horse race, Julien Clerc’s daughter presented herself with a pantsuit, a large white blazer and a pink hat. As for makeup, she preferred a beauty look that was as simple as it was minimalist. As she shows in each of her public appearances, Vanille Clerc is rather a fan of natural beauty.

But above all, it is his resemblance to his father that stands out. The young artist indeed shares many common physical characteristics with the singer. The faces of the two personalities are similar. Vanille Clerc also seems to have inherited the sweet smile and of looking kind by Julien Clerc.

photo credit: Shutterstock
Julien Clerc

Julien Clerc’s daughter impresses Internet users

Once again, Vanille Clerc has not gone unnoticed. On social networks, the young woman also publishes numerous photos of herself which always leave admiring Internet users in front of her beauty. At the beginning of June, Julien Clerc’s daughter posted a photo in which she appeared dressed in a red dress from the brand
Isabel Marrant.

photo credit: France 5 Julien Clerc’s daughter

In the comments, the praise towards the young singer have been numerous. “Gorgeous” a, for example, wrote a follower. Internet users are always unanimous: the beauty of Julien Clerc’s daughter is astonishing. And the resemblance to his father is almost



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