Weather forecast: the sun returns next week… before the rain?

Weather forecast: the sun returns next week… before the rain?
Weather forecast: the sun returns next week… before the rain?

The weather is still unsettled this Saturday June 22.

But the return of the sun is fortunately planned for Sunday.

However, this summer break is not expected to last.

Gray skies, rain, hail, stormy episodes… So far, this month of June has looked more like a month of November. While summer officially started on June 20 – unfortunately in the rain, for certain regions of France – will the sun finally make its return? Will this autumnal atmosphere continue next week?

As Coralie Dioum, weather journalist, pointed out this Saturday on LCI (see video at the top of this article), the weather is still disrupted today, in particular due to a “disturbance which has arrived and which we find this afternoon from the Pyrenees to the Grand Est, with a tendency which will turn into a storm on the eastern side”. Temperatures are also dropping, but fortunately, the sun will reappear on Sunday.

Generous sunshine Monday and Tuesday

“It will be there and will be more and more generous Monday and Tuesday with the mercury which will rise significantly”, describes Coralie Dioum, who specifies that on Tuesday it will be 28 degrees on average in the northern half and 29 degrees in the southern half. According to Météo-France, a “sequence of anticyclonic weather that began on Sunday over a large part of the territory will continue on Monday and Tuesday”. On the other hand, the weather should be less clement in the extreme South-East, from the Alps to Corsica, since this area should face “unstable conditions bringing showers or thunderstorms” Start of the week, according to the meteorological institute.

It will still be hot across the country on Monday and Tuesday, “but without excess”, continues Météo-France, the maximums announced for the moment being between 24 and 28 degrees, both in the north and in the south of the country. For Monday afternoon, Météo-France forecasts 25 degrees in Lille, 26 degrees in Paris, 23 degrees in Brest, 27 degrees in Bordeaux, 28 degrees in Perpignan, 24 degrees in Marseille and 26 degrees in Strasbourg. Tuesday is a very summery day that should await us, with 29 degrees in Paris in the afternoon, 28 degrees in Tours and Bourges, 27 degrees in Lille, Biarritz and Auxerre or even 25 degrees in Belfort. However, rain should occur in the South-East, particularly in Nice, while thunderstorms and thunderstorms could break out in the east on Monday evening and Tuesday evening.

The return of rain on Wednesday

Rain which will also spread from Wednesday over a large part of the territory, signaling the end of this summer break. On LCI, Coralie Dioum explains that the storms will probably return from Wednesday. “At the moment, the reliability index is very low, so this remains to be refined”, nuance the journalist. For its part, Météo-France predicts that stable conditions on Monday and Tuesday “should end on Wednesday with the return of Atlantic depressions”.

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For the moment, the meteorological institute is forecasting a sunny morning for Wednesday over a large part of the country, before showers begin to water the center of the territory, with stormy episodes which could occur in the Center-East. On Thursday, the northern half will be affected by rain, even if maximum temperatures will mostly exceed 25 degrees. On Friday, Météo-France is still considering rainy periods in the northern half, in Savoie, in the Hautes-Alpes and even in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.




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